Yeti Cave

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Yeti Cave
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Map of Yeti Cave (click for larger size)
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35 - 50
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Map by BetaNotus (5/19)

"... You are not of the Himamanav. But you are not of the darkness. Your presence is unexpected."

— Glowing Sphere

The Yeti Cave is a large cavern home to the Himamanav species and a great variety of other deadly species. There are three progressively deadlier main levels to the cave, two of which are below ground level, and the cave itself branches off at various points, causing many unsuspecting adventurers to become lost and meet their unfortunate ends. In some of the rocky corridors of the cave, there is a timber frame system, suggesting the area was once used for mining (perhaps to obtain the large, blue crystals which can be observed within the cave) but the exact history of the Yeti Cave is largely a mystery.

The Yeti Cave entrance is on the north face of the west end of the ravine in Kur Mountains.

Points of Interest

Glowing Sphere Chamber

Not far from the cave's entrance, the narrow pathway forks. Traveling to the right, one can find the impressive spiral rock formation leading up to the Glowing Sphere, a deity to the strange Himamanav people, who has the potential to bestow great rewards (Hint) on those it deems worthy, and quickly remove those it does not. Be warned, adventurers, a powerful Yeti often visits its deity and has been known to attack on sight.

Maligno's Den

Maligno's den is found by following the path through the cave and going straight at the 3-way fork on the first floor. This hazy, brown region of the cave drops off sharply for those who are not careful of where they step, and is home to the irreverent ghoul Maligno, as well as a small band of undead and some corrupted gazelles.

The Dropoff and Beyond

  • Bringing several Yeti Keys is highly recommended past here, as they are required to open the chests.

The Yeti Cave is large and contains many mysteries. After heading left on the 3-way fork on the first floor and fighting through hordes of Yetis and other denizens of the cave's depths, a steep drop-off cuts hundreds of feet down into the rock. Many courageous adventurers have delved this far into the cave, but few have returned (Hint). As the dank cavern descends deeper and deeper beneath Kur, a number of unique, high-level foes stand in the way of the loot and glory held within the cave's far reaches.

Yeti Cave Inhabitants






    Minerals & Metal