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Glowing Spheres are a race of beings that long ago ascended beyond their mortal forms. They travel the multicosmos seeking to explore and experiment to gain more knowledge. Sometimes, Glowing Spheres directly intervene in the development of less intelligent species.

Glowing Sphere of Yeti Cave

Button Blue.png
Glowing Sphere
It's glowing. Also rotating.
Right at first intersection.
Ascended Sphere
Beast Speak:
Speaks With:
Skill Trainer:

Commence with prostration and supplication.

The Glowing Sphere is a Himamanav Deity found down the right path of the Yeti Cave, at the top of a large rock spire guarded by various Yeti.

... You are not of the Himamanav. But you are not of the darkness. Your presence is unexpected.

Nice to meet you too.

Did you come to kill and loot our great people?

No! I come in peace.
Perhaps you could help us. There is a blight in our cavern. Creatures from a place of great evil have arrived. They summon the undead from centuries long-gone. Kill their leader and bring me the head.
And I'll get something good?
I will deign to teach you knowledge. Secrets long-lost to your kind.
Okay, good enough. I'll be back!
Well... I did kind of kill a dozen yetis on the way in...
Fiend! It is the time fortold. The time of interlopers! I will protect my wards. Say your final prayers.
Wait... what kind of prayers? To you? Or to some god? I don't quite...
(You get set on fire and will die).
I'll shatter you like I shattered your defenders!
(You get set on fire and will die).
Stop! This is all a misunderstanding!
How so?
I'm an adventurer! I only murdered those guys because it was adventurous!
I understand. You are a psychopath.
No, you don't get it. I can help you. I seek adventure. Do you have any adventure for me?
... I comprehend. You suggest I manipulate you to achieve goals that will benefit the Himamanav. You imply that the benefits to the many will outweigh the deaths of a few.
Well, that phrasing doesn't make me sound very heroic at all, but yes.
Perhaps you could help us. There is a blight in our cavern. Creatures from a place of great evil have arrived. They summon the undead from centuries long-gone. Kill their leader and bring me the head.
And I'll get something good?
I will deign to teach you knowledge. Secrets long-lost to your kind.
Okay, good enough. I'll be back!


The Glowing Sphere offers a variety of skills as a reward for collecting the skull of the Ghoul Maligno. A new skull can be presented to the Sphere every three hours.

Greetings, Adventurer. Have you returned with the head of darkness?

Yep! Here it is!
Good! You may now choose a boon.
Recipe: Master First Aid Kit, Yeti (Level 35 Toolcrafting required).
Recipe: Amazing First Aid Kit, Yeti (Level 45 Toolcrafting required).
First Aid
Ability: Moss Bone Repair (Level 30 First Aid required).
Recipe: Yeti Stick Snack (Level 40 Cooking Required).
Recipe: Furpot (Level 50 Cooking Required).
Armor Patching
Ability: Yetiskin (Level 30 Armor Patching Required).
Ability: Yetiskin 2 (Level 40 Armor Patching Required).
Ice Magic
Ability: Ice Veins 3B (Level 50 Ice Magic Required).
Recipe: Kur Mountains Blue, Green, Orange, or White Mineral Survey
XP Bonuses
XP: +3500 Ice Magic XP
XP: +3500 Fire Magic XP
XP: +3500 Spider XP
XP: +2500 First Aid XP
XP: +2500 Armor Patching XP

Glowing Sphere of the Fae Realm

Button Blue.png
Glowing Sphere
It's Glowing and rotating. Must be alive.
South of Fel-Dasculin Ruins
Ascended Sphere
Beast Speak:
Speaks With:

Greetings, mortal. I have rescued you.

The Glowing Sphere in the Fae Realm has taken an interest in Pixies, particularly Uriana.


Greetings, mortal. I have rescued you.
What do you mean?
A group of pixies played a trip upon you, luring you to this place in order to kill you and feast upon your entrails, as is their worst. I have displaced them to allow you to arrive safely.
I have no idea what you're talking about, but thanks.
Oh, I see. Well, thanks. What did the pixies want?
These pixies are a disadvantaged people and their lives are miserable. Do not think that they mean you harm in particular. They do, but do not think it, for their minds work not as yours does, and you could inadvertently strengthen them and ruin the great efforts I have undertaken.
Um... that sounds insane.
It matters not. I have a request to make of you. It is gravely important.
Well, what's the request?
Nearby you will locate a pixie. She is the most promising of my patients and has permanently recovered some lucidity. All other pixies I have operated on can only recover memories for a short time. So this pixie is precious.
Uriana's progress has stalled recently, sometimes she has difficulty with advanced ethical concepts, and other times she struggles with... much simpler concepts. She needs a gentile friend, someone who will listen to her ideas and entertain her experiments.
You may be asked to do things that you will find mildly unpleasant; while this may be damaging to YOUR psyche, remember that it will undoubtedly help HER psyche. Also, I have given Uriana a large assortment of artifacts and weaponry with which to pay. I have taught her that she should share her toys with her friends, so there is a material benefit to helping her.
Well, I'll go talk to her. What do I say?
Speak calmly. Tell her that 'the orb' sent you to help her. Then simply listen to Uriana and follow her lead.
Okay. Before I go, I had a question...
Ask your question, then, mortal, and receive my answer!
Tell me about the pixies.
Pixies are an immortal race of creatures that were once fairies. Legends say that fairies can sometimes be reborn as pixies and vice versa, but I have only partially unraveled the secret to this transformation.
Pixies are violent carnivores. Most possess low intellect; the smartest are dangerously cunning and will lay traps for the unwary, but they do not seem capable of self-reflection. In summary, they are damaged, corrupted creatures.
Ar the pixies being led by someone?
Perhaps. The number of pixies in this region has increased 5040% in the past two years, this increase is why I arrived. Given the timing, it is likely that the Winter Queen is somehow involved in their arrival.
Pixies are not normally capable of laying traps on other worlds, yet they have lured several mortals from your world under false pretenses. This further suggests that a fae creature has some control over them. However, that is the extent of my present knowledge.
Tell me about yourself.
My race was once mortal, but we ascended beyond that form countless years ago. Having tired of exploring the multicosmos, some of my kind seek purpose in aiding others. That is why I am here. And that is all that need be shared about us.
Tell me about this place.
This world is designated 'U39' by the cartographers of the Fairy Court. Since it is located deep in the heart of the Fairy domain, I also use this name out of respect for their sovereignty. However, a potent fae spirit has laid claim to this world and does not appreciate the name. To avoid conflict, I simply avoid referring to the world by any name while in Agrashab's presence.
This particular land area on U39 is known as Sun Vale by some locals, and as Troll Vale by others. I have also heard other names for this region, but none seem to be gaining popularity. Names are very interesting to me. I would bequeath more insight here i I had any.
Tell me about Agrashab.
Agrashab is a fae spirit of considerable potency, with an extraordinarily broad active region consisting of over 600 fae worlds.
You are no doubt familiar with 'Nature Spirits,' which are essentially the same species? Fae spirits have much broader physical reach due to the nature of this universe compared to your own, but even so, very few fae spirits can manifest on hundreds of worlds... and Agrashab can manifest on hundreds of worlds at the same time!
Agrashab has negotiated a seat at the Fairy Court, meaning that his voice carries the same weight as one of the fairy houses. But I presume that diplomacy has failed, for the Winter Queen's edicts definitely affect this world - until Agrashab is able to rescind them. This conflict seems to be growing in scope and danger.
Agrashab's local avatar resides northwest, it would be wise to pay your respects when convenient. Agrashab is considered friendly to most mortals and immortals, aside from those of the Winter Court, and a few creatures that displease him.
For clarity, I feel the need to reiterate the most important issue: If Agrashab is unable to protect this world, it will freeze solid for the duration of the Winter Queen's reign. This would be detrimental to my work with the local pixies, so please assist Agrashab in preventing that outcome.
So they're strong against psychic damage?
Indeed they are, as I said.
Now, having saved you from an assault of deadly pixies, I wish to ask a favor of you. I recognize that this places a burden upon you. I make no apologies, for the need is great.
Well, what's the favor?
I seek to aid the oppressed, pixies are oppressed by the biology that has been inflicted upon them. My presence needs no no further explanation. Yours, however, does. But let us not be distracted with facts and concepts, for I have need of action. Your action.
So what's in it for you, orb? Why are you doing this?
Remember that I saved you from being attacked by a pack of angry pixies. The likelyhood of your death was nearly certain.
You owe me nothing, of course, but should your guilt force you to act, I will still consider that a success.

Glowing Sphere