Winter Court

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Fila: Prim and pleasant. But not too pleasant.

Points of Known Lore

The Winter Court, one of the Four Fae Factions, has controlled the Fae Realm for two years now. Their control will last for another 19,998 years. Their leader, the Winter Queen has declared that all Summer and Autumn fae are to be captured and tortured for the rest of her rule.

  • The Winter Queen is keeping the Spring King captured in her castle.
  • It is said that the Winter Queen always does something insane when she begins her rule every 80,000 years.
  • The Winter Queen believes that thousands of years of torture will turn all Fae into Winter Fae.
  • The portal to The Winter Nexus seems to be locked by the Winter Court. This Nexus is being used by the Winter Court as a base to search for and capture the Summer Court Fae based in Sun Vale.



Affiliated Named NPCs

Affiliated Bosses

Known Affiliated Servents

Affiliated Elites

  • Algid Overseer -elite
    • Algid Overseer Winterhue - notable
  • Gorgos - Gorgos is the leader of the Ogre faction found in the Winter Nexus.

NPcs Captured/Traped By Winter Court