Sun Vale

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Sun Vale
Map of Sun Vale (click for larger size)
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Also known as "The Fae Lands"

Sun Vale is a large wooded area with alien plants and fauna that have found their way in from the fairy realm. Fairies are common here, wreaking havoc and causing mischief. The vale is on a mountainous island nestled between The Council Lands and the elven country of Verta. Most of the island is rocky and uninhabitable, but a narrow valley is teeming with life for some strange reason.

It's this weird place, only accessible by boat. You're sailing down the coast and it's all rocks and nothingness, right? And then boom! There's this jungle growing out of nothing. Weirdest damned thing. Everybody loves the place. It's warm, and the natives are... look, it's actually a hellish death trap. You don't really want to go to Sun Vale. I was just trying to make some extra Councils, but now I feel bad about it. Happy?

— Boatman

This exploreable area is intended for players level 30 and above. There are outposts in this forest, but they aren't meant for the likes of you. Without spoiling too much, it’s safe to say that the land is full of dark fairies, bringing unique magics, items, monsters, and techniques into the game (Druid and Hammer). Perhaps you can find a way to “make friends” with the locals...

Getting there

Talk to the Rakshasa Boatman on the docks northeast of Serbule. The fee is 200 councils. Note that Sun Vale is in preview mode (meaning "not even close to finished, but worth testing"). [1]

Points of Interest

Giant Tree

A small band of fairies have taken refuge at the base of the giant tree. Yagreet keeps the watch outside, taking turns with Eleme. Preta, Hiral and Lisi are inside. (In the south; in the middle: neither east nor west)


The Thorn of Decay is found in the ruins south east of the zone. Many scions and trolls spawn in this area.


If you keep going north, you will have to find a way around the chasm. It is possible to cross on the west side (facing north). Keep going past the many trolls.

The Winter Nexus

A large portal can be found to the Winter Nexus in northern Sun Vale. The portal seems to be locked by the Winter Court, but can you find the key?

Animal Town

A group of sentient animals have constructed a makeshift village hidden among the south-east hills of Sun Vale. Non-Animals beware, deadly Summoned Guardians patrol the borders.

Viedesi's Workorder board

In the south west corner of the map, Viedesi is waiting for people to pickup and turnin workorders.



  • One is on one end of the beach (to your left from landing spot)
  • From the gigantic tree, with the ocean behind (south), northeast road and then up the dunes north.
  • Third one is at the north end of the zone near the altar that currently offers the Druid skill.
  • Fourth Telepad is in the NW corner area
  • Fifth Telepad is in Animal Town close to the cook pot

Neighbor Map(s)




Special Foes


    • Banana Tree (40) (north area)
    • Guava Tree (30) (north area)
    • Wild Daisy (35)
    • Wild Marigold (40)
    • Wild Poppy (45)
    • Wild Red Rose (50)



    The Fae Forest (SoundCloud) by Conor Brace



    1. September 20, 2014 Update notes