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Busy spinning webs.
Near a tent.
Beast Speak:
Speaks With:
All, if animal form 3+ hours.
Skill Trainer:

This thread is crucial to neophyte loom users. Until you can make your own thread, you must buy it from me!

Legs is a sentient Spider that excels in spinning creations from her silk. She also likes to collect hunting trophies from monsters.

As a resident of Animal Town, Legs is only willing to hold conversations with characters that have transformed into a Beast Form over 180 real-world minutes prior to the conversation attempt. If you lose track of the time you last transformed, Norbert is willing to tell you how long you have until the other residents will tolerate talking with you.


Sun Vale
Animal Town


Items Sold[view/edit]

Legs sells Cotton Thread for 270 Councils.


Small Talk [view/edit]

  • Likes Corpse Trophies Hint
  • Loves Hooks and Stingers Hint

Favor Rewards

Reward at [Comfortable].

You did a service for me, and I shall do a service for you. Let me show you how to create cloth.

Visit the Training menu to unlock Textile Creation.

Reward at [Comfortable].

You continue to provide me with items of value. I shall trade for knowledge.

Additional recipes are available.


Textile Creation
String (from Spiderweb) - [Friends], Breadcloth, Carded Cotton (Master Level) - [Like Family]
Simple Blanket - [Comfortable]
Basic Spider Silk - [Comfortable], Spider Silk - [Friends], Strong Spider Silk - [Best Friends], Extreme Spider Silk - [Like Family], Incredible Spider Silk - [Like Family]
Shoddy - [Comfortable]/Rough/Crude Spider Casing, Shoddy/Rough/Crude Spider Casing (Enchanted)
Decent/Nice/Quality/Great Spider Casing (Enchanted)
Nice/Quality/Great Spider Casing (Max-Enchanted)
Unlock Spider Skill Levels 51-60 for 20,000 at Friends favor
Web Trap 2--9850
Spit Acid 4--9900
Inject Venom 4--9950
Terrifying Bite 4--9950
Infinite Legs 6--11500
Grappling Web 4--11550
Incubate 4--11550
Gripjaw 4--11650
Spider Bite 7--11700
Premeditated Doom 4--11700
Unlock Spider Skill Levels 61-70--100,000
Spit Acid 5--14900
Terrifying Bite 5--14950
Infinite Legs 7--17000
Inject Venom 5--17050
Incubate 5--17050
Gripjaw 5--17150
Grappling Web 5--17200
Spider Bite 8--17200
Premeditated Doom 5--17200
Spider silk--965
Strong Spider Silk--1633 at Best Friends
Extreme Spider Silk--2965 at Like Family
Incredible Spider Silk--4633 at Like Family


Winter Celebration
[Friends] Favor - 6x
[Like Family] Favor - 10x


That "Spot" woman will come and pester me all day if she sees me talking to a biped. And I cannot kill her or the others will become angry. So I must simply avoid her ire. Leave me!

Legs, if humanoid