Jake the Buckler

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Jake the Buckler
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A bear of a human with a hearty laugh.
North East of Sun Vale, near the druid trainer Silvia.
Beast Speak:
Speaks With:
Cows, Pigs, Wolves, Deer, Bats.
Skill Trainer:

Worst thing about buckles? The paint gets all faded and chipped after you wear it for too long. Then you have to make another one.

Jake the Buckler resides in the North-Eastern part of Sun Vale. He spends the majority of his time crafting belt buckles. The belt buckles are not magical in any way, they just remind you of "killing shit". Jake claims that when he was young, women would never go around baring their ankles. He seems to want to sleep with Silvia. He enjoys beer.

Hey. You a druid? 'Cuz I'm not!
I'm not a druid either.
These guys are great. They pretend like they're nature-loving pacifists, but they love hammers and crafting weapons and killing shit. My kind of people!
Well, they do love nature...
Yeah, yeah. Anyway, what brings you out here? Hunting trolls?
Just passing through.
Oh, fair enough. I'm just hanging with these guys for a few days while I work on my masterpiece.
What's your masterpiece?
A belt buckle! I make some of the best buckles you'll ever see. See this one I'm wearing? The lion represents killing shit. And see the eagle? That represents killing shit, too.
And the bear?
The bear represents killing shit.
Ah, I should have guessed.
Anyway, my next masterpiece is coming along, but it's missing something. If you can do me a favor and get it, I'll teach you a bit about Buckle Artistry.
What's the point of Buckle Artistry?
Power, of course! Buckles represent everything good about fighting. Hitting, killing shit, murder, and so on.
Are these buckles magical?
No, they aren't fuckin' magical. It's psychology! You fill the buckle with symbols that remind you what a bad-ass you are. And it works! Well... it works if you like hammers or clubs.
So buckles are only good for hammer fighters?
Well, that's the only kind I know how to make. I guess there might be other buckles for other weapons. But whatever. They're not important. Hammers are important!
Do you sell spare belt buckles?
No, artistic buckles aren't for sellin'! They're a personal thing. The symbols only have meaning to the creator, so only the creator can get anything from wearing them. Sorry, but you've gotta craft your own!
So year, if you help me get the dye I need, I'll teach you how to make your own buckles.
Okay. Thanks for the offer.


Sun Vale
Under a tree canopy near the druid trainer.

Small Talk [view/edit]

  • Likes Good Metal Slabs (or higher)
  • Likes Dye


  • A Brighter Glow To start this quest, talk to Jake The Buckler in Sun Vale. The quest is available at [Close Friends] favor. You must have previously completed Expert's Advice in order to undertake this quest.
    • Obtain x3
    • Talk to Jake the Buckler
  • Expert's Advice

    To start this quest, talk to Jake The Buckler in Sun Vale. The quest is available at [Neutral] favor.

    • Speak with Firaki
    • Talk to Jake the Buckler

    Response to player

    Oh, you're a friend of Jake the Buckler? That human is my oldest customer! Seems like I've known him all my life.

    Okay, so he needs to paint the stripes on a tiger, but yellow overwhelms the pale green of the trees? He needs lemon chiffon dye. I don't carry it here. But I know where he can get it: tell him to find a mantis living outside of Serbule. The mantis can help him out.

    Also, tell him that my advice costs 311 Councils, which is the exact amount I owed him, so we're even now.

  • Lemony Dye

    To start this quest, talk to Jake The Buckler in Sun Vale. The quest is available at [Neutral] favor.

    You must have previously completed Expert's Advice in order to undertake this quest.


Buckle Artistry
Buckle of Basic Hammering, Buckle of Competent Hammering
Buckle of Impressive Hammering, Buckle of Masterful Hammering, Buckle of Astounding Hammering, Buckle of Ludicrous Hammering
Buckle of Swift Slagging, Buckle of Hastened Slagging, Buckle of Fast Slagging, Buckle of Slagging Blurs
Buckle of Lightened Hammering, Buckle of Unburdened Hammering, Buckle of Easy Hammering, Buckle of Featherweight Hammering
Buckle of Flowing Hammering, Buckle of Hardy Combat 1, Buckle of Hardy Combat 2
Buckle of Hardy Combat 3, Buckle of Hardy Combat 4, Buckle of Hardy Combat 5, Buckle of Hardy Combat 6
Buckle of Hardy Combat 7, Buckle of Hardy Combat 8, Buckle of Hardy Combat 9, Buckle of Hardy Combat 10
Buckle of Hardy Combat 11, Buckle of Hardy Combat 12

Hang Outs

Trade badass warrior stories (4 hours)

Hear Jake the Buckler's Story
35 Favor
50 Lore XP

Watch Jake work on his masterpiece buckle (3 hours)

25 favor
200 Buckle Artistry XP


Winter Celebration
[Friends] Favor -
[Like Family] Favor -