Sacrificial Sea Cave

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Sacrificial Sea Cave
File:Sacrificial Sea Cave (map).png
Map of Sacrificial Sea Cave (click for larger size)
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Map by BetaNotus (7/20)

Sacrificial Sea Cave is an underwater cavern in the Sun Vale region. Ranalon guard the outside, while powerful creatures are raised inside to be used in a sacrificial ritual to contact the deity Enoyos.

Points of Interest

Sacrificial Bowl Platforms

You hear a froggy voice say, "Remember, true disciples, that the sacrificial creatures in the far rooms are kept VERY HUNGRY. If they think you are a meal, they will chase you to your doom! That's why our least-competent acolyte is on feeding duty. Yes, I'm talking about you, Gozzaroon. Everyone else, clear out!"

Message Starfish

Trespassers seeking an attempt to communicate with Enoyos will need to prove their strength by defeating five sacrificial creatures. Items looted from four of the creatures are sacrificed in nearby Sacrificial Bowls, summoning the fifth. All sacrificial items must be sacrificed in a short period of time. If any of the Sacrificial Creatures respawn, the cycle must be repeated faster. Adventurers may find it beneficial to work together here.

Sacrificial Sea Cave Inhabitants





      There are no harvestable items in the Sacrificial Sea Cave.