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Surprisingly graceful for such a large creature.
Near the fire.
Beast Speak:
Speaks With:
All, if in animal form for 3+ hours.
Skill Trainer:
Offers Storage

Welcome to Animal Town. I am Raul, and I am pleased to meet you.

Raul is a bull, one of the first inhabitants of the Town. It was his idea to install Spot as a figurehead mayor, although that plan backfired somewhat. He's also wisely cautious around spiders!

As a resident of Animal Town, Raul is only willing to hold conversations with characters that have transformed into a Beast Form over 180 real-world minutes prior to the conversation attempt. If you loose track of the time you last transformed, Norbert is willing to tell you how long you have until the other residents will tolerate talking with you.


Sun Vale
Found in Animal Town.


Small Talk [view/edit]

  • Likes Magic Equipment with Cow Prerequisites Hint
  • Likes Vegetarian Meals Hint
  • Hates Meat and Meat Dishes
  • Hates Leather, Skins, and Leather Products

Hang Outs

Get to know Raul little better (3h) - Requires a Cow

20 Favor

Take a long walk on the beach (4h) - Requires a Cow (unlock after Get to know Raul little better)

1000 Cow XP
35 Favor

Let Raul take you to his secret spot (8h) - Requires a Cow (unlock after Take a long walk on the beach)

Spend another evening with Raul (12h) - Requires a Cow (unlock after Let Raul take you to his secret spot)

103.55 Favor



Unlock Cow Skill Levels 51-60: (18,500 Councils)
Tough Hoof 1-5, [from 3-5](6,394-10,764-15,824 Councils)
Front Kick 6, 7 (9,154-15,640 Councils)
Chew Cud 4, 5 (9,154-15,686 Councils)
Clobbering Hoof 6, 7 (10,580-15,640 Councils)
Moo of Determination 4, 5 (10,718-15,778 Councils)
Stampede 7, 8 (10,764-15,824 Councils)
Tough Hoof 4, 5: (10,764-15,824 Councils)
Bash 4, 5 (13,750-18,170 Councils)
Moo of Calm 4, 5 (13,616-18,170 Councils)
Unlock Cow Skill Levels 61-70: (92,000 Councils)



Raul does not offer storage to Bats.

Raul offers storage at [Neutral] Favor.
0 slots at [Neutral].
16 slots at [Comfortable].
24 slots at [Friends].
32 slots at [Close Friends].
40 slots at [Best Friends].
48 slots at [Like Family].
56 slots at [Soul Mates].

!!Changed Raul's Neutral storage slots to 0 as of 25JAN2021, have 51.5/100 Neutral standing and no storage available (currently cow form). Contact Aeveros on a new animal with zero standing to clarify if this is indeed a change. If you have already stored at neutral previously... you might be grandfathered in and not accurate for a brand new animal.!!


Winter Celebration
[Friends] Favor - (Lv40)
[Like Family] Favor - (Lv40),