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Lighthouse near entrance.
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Viedesi is an elf living on the island of Sun Vale. She accepts Work Orders from a board set up near her.

Hello! Are you a new druid? You're not a fairy, and that pretty much just leaves druids!

Nope. I'm not a druid.
Oh. I see. Why in the world are you here? I hope you aren't here about the resort. That... that never panned out. There's some buildings, but... no resort. I'm sorry you came all this way.
No, I'm not here about a resort, what resort?
Well, this island is a strategic spot between Verta and The Council Lands. Both countries claim it, but since our countries are friendly, nobody's really cared that much. Anyway, a few years ago some businessman in Verta tried to turn this place into a resort! He had some buildings made, and there's a big bridge, that sort of thing.
But, well, the native frog people killed him. And his crew. And his customers. Nobody comes here anymore.
Oh. that's very sad.
Well, it's not that sad. The elf who ran the resort was an ass, and this island is a mosquito-infested shit hole. I mean, let's be honest with each other... I feel like I can trust you. Can I?
Of course.
Good. Here's the thing: I'm actually paid by the government of Verta! I'm clandestine and everything!
... uh, should you be telling me this?
Oh, like you didn't know already, Captain. But I guess you aren't a Captain anymore... that was just a disguise, right? I got your file from my Verta contact. You're an interesting one.
What does my file say? You see, I have amnesia, and...
Ha ha! Nice try! Don't worry... there's no assassins after you or anything. Verta is just keeping tabs on important Council resources like yourself. Your secret is safe with me.
Now if you want to pretend to be a craftsman, that will work out great. There's a bulletin board over there with things I can buy. Take a look!
Okay, but can we talk about the Council thing?
Not now. I've said more than I'm supposed to already.
Sigh. Well, thanks. Bye.


Sun Vale
Standing near the Work Orders board. In the far southwest (bottom left) corner of the map.