Elven Anatomy

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Elven Anatomy
Knowledge of the physiology of elves.
Skill Type:
Anatomy Skill
Max Level:
Skill Trainers:

Needs a quote.

— Loading screen

Elven Anatomy Overview

Elven Anatomy is a sub-skill of Anatomy that explores the physiology of Elves.

In-Game Description

Knowledge of the physiology of elves.

Elven Culture

Elves are a race with a much longer lifespan than Humans, and most Elves on Alharth come from their homeland of Verta. Most Elves view rules created by The Council as barbaric, though the Elves themselves are described just as worse by the Humans. Most elves are obsessively clean, and some will often refuse to speak to anyone they consider too dirty to socialize with. Elven marriages last 100 years. After that time, Elves are free to re-marry for another hundred if they choose.

  • When dealing with livestock, Elves to not believe in cages. Chickens and pigs wandering around a Council town may appear wild, but often have Elven owners.
  • A common punishment for an elf is time in a Misery Box. Due to their long lifespans, solitary confinement for 50 - 100 years is not uncommon.

The elven shock-poet Zini's famous work about how humankind might go extinct due to their prudishness, but will be saved by kind and promiscuous elves. It has a lot of depraved imagery, but also plenty of clever rhymes. A good gift for poetry lovers and those who appreciate a good porno. But not a good gift for especially uptight (or racist) Humans.

— "The Fall of Man" by Zini (poetry book)

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An ancient weapon from the War of Froliac, used by elves who were very, very angry. It is etched with an image of the Elven begonia, a symbol of trust broken and secrets defiled. Unfortunately, most races aside from elves don't understand the symbolism and seem to think it's kind of sissy.

Elven Dagger

Known Creatures




Elven Anatomy Level Up Rewards

Level Reward
1 +1 to Anatomy
Basic Combat Info Shown
5 More Combat Info Shown
8 Archery/Crossbow chance of critical hit: +1%
15 +1 to Anatomy
16 Archery/Crossbow chance of critical hit: +1% (total 2%)
24 Archery/Crossbow chance of critical hit: +1% (total 3%)
25 +1 to Anatomy
More Combat Info Shown
32 Archery/Crossbow chance of critical hit: +1% (total 4%)
40 Archery/Crossbow chance of critical hit: +1% (total 5%)
45 +1 to Anatomy
48 Archery/Crossbow chance of critical hit: +1% (total 6%)
50 More Combat Info Shown