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A farmer.
Farm west of Serbule Keep.
Beast Speak:
Offers Storage

Yeah, I'm a farmer. But I'm also a "farmer" if you know what I mean. And I think you do. No? Dammit I'm so bad at innuendo.

Ivyn is an Elven farmer. He lives with Jara.


On a farm west of Serbule Keep and east of Carpal Tunnels.


Small Talk [view/edit]

  • Likes Prepared Food Hint
  • Likes Seeds
  • Likes Seedlings Hint
Seedling Councils Favor
Potato Seedling 7 +3.2
Onion Seedling 9 +3.9
Cabbage Leafling 12 +5.1
Beet Seedling 15 +6.4
Squash Seedling 19 +8.3
Broccoli Seedling 22 +9.6
Carrot Seedling 27 +11.6
  • Likes Cooking Recipes
  • Hates Poetry

Favor Rewards

Ivyn grants his [Close Friends] access to a storage chest.

Hang Outs

Explore nearby ruined tombs for ancient treasures (3 hours)

So... I owe you an apology for my reaction to that deer made of dark energy, or whatever the hell that was. I know my shrieking didn't make the fight any easier. But we got out alive! That's what counts, right?

27 favor with Ivyn
100 Unarmed XP

Talk about the Sampo legend over dinner (2 hours) [Friends]

20 Favor with Ivyn
25 Lore XP

Repeatable Help till the fields (8 hours)

It's pretty rare to find someone around town who's willing to work that hard! I'm impressed! Take these fresh vegetables as payment.

65 favor with Ivyn
200 Gardening XP

Repeatable Collect manure from the cow fields (4 hours) [Friends]

Quite a haul we got! Here's your share, thanks for the help!

37.8 Favor with Ivyn
50 Gardening XP

Have a beer and discuss how stupid the council is (60 minutes)

And that's not even the worst part! The worst part is that we no longer have any representation! It's practically a dictatorship! Ah, but listen to me. If those wizards were really dictators, I suppose I'd have been smote down for my complaints by now, eh?

12 favor with Ivyn
25 Lore XP

Creature Kills

Killing the following creatures near Ivyn grants +1.0 favor:

Pig (mob)
Augmented Mantis Slave
Angry Bear




Ivyn will give you the code to his chest in the nearby house after you reach [Close Friends], granting access to 32 slots of storage. Storing items in the chest is not safe until Ivyn personally allows you to store items in it.

Are you sure you want to know? Ivyn might get mad.

The code is 39150 again it is NOT safe to store stuff in here until Ivyn gives you the code, you've been warned!


Winter Celebration
[Friends] Favor - x10
[Like Family] Favor - x10


  • Ivyns storage is always 32 slots no matter what favor you have with him