Bottle of Fertilizer

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Bottle of Fertilizer

How to Use

Can be used to fertilize plants, starting at level 10 of gardening.

How to Obtain

From Therese a recipe can be bought how to make 3 Bottle of Fertilizer from 1 Strange Dirt and 3 Bottle of Water.

After gaining favor with Therese to Friends, she will also teach another recipe how to make fertilizer using Bone Meal. That recipe takes 12 Bone meal, as opposed to the 1 Strange Dirt.
After gaining favor with Therese to Close Friends, she will also teach you a recipe how to make Bone Meal from Femurs.

Buy from Yetta located in Eltibule Keep for 45 Gold each.

After gaining favor with Kelim to Best Friends, he will also teach the Recipe: Basic Fertilizer (from Rotten Meat) to make fertilizer using Rotten Meat. (The Alchemy recipe to create rotten meat is also tought by Kelim, at Close Friends).