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Red Wing Casino
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Red Wing Casino is a Casino run by a group of intelligent mantises. Many skill trainers, merchants, and casino games can be found here.

Neighboring Regions

In the city area of Rahu, a portal is available that easily transports the player to the Casino.
In the southwest corner of Eltibule the player can see the Casino on top of the rocks. An enthusiastic rock climber can enter the casino by climbing through one of the windows from the rocks. From the grassy courtyard, a player can use the Employees Exit to enter the casino.

Points of Interest

Entrance Hall

The Entrance Hall is the southernmost room of the Red Wing Casino, and serves as a reception area and teleportation hub for the building.

  • A static portal leads to peaceful part of the City of Rahu.
  • A Council Teleportation Platform allows visitors to leave to wherever they maintain bound circles, or to bind themselves to the Red Wing Casino.
  • A rotating portal is maintained by the Teleportation Attendant. This portal rotates on a schedule and leads to the active Casino Excursion dungeon.

The Entrance Hall provides other accommodations for guests before they enter the rest of the building. In one side room, the Mantis Irkima maintains a mail room and small library In an opposite room, Stable master Arianna Fangblade maintains public stables in a room near the Teleportation Platform. A Player Work Order sign and NPC Work Order sign also decorate the lobby.

Around the stairs leading to the rest of the Red Wing Casino, free-to-play versions of the Match-3 game can be played for practice. These machines do not provide any reward.


The Arena is the central room of the Casino. Entrances to the Arena from the surrounding hallways lead onto a balcony overlooking the Arena's battlefield. Throughout the day, NPCs will battle each other in the Arena. Befriending the inhabitants of the Red Wing Casino can provide you with tips on match-up chances if you want to try betting on the fights. Attempting to jump into the Arena will quickly teleport you back to safety on the balcony.


Hallways surround the Arena and connect the Entrance Hall to the rest of the Red Wing Casino. Many small rooms connect to these hallways.

  • In the smaller rooms to the side of the Arena area the CA and the CB player-vendors can be found.
  • Ragabir can be found in a small side room to the right of the stairs heading from the Entrance Hall to the Arena. He is an expert in Alchemy.
  • Qatik can be found in a small side room to the left of the stairs heading from the portal room to the arena. He offers unique items for players to buy with Red Wing Token as well as a daily quest and storage.

Game Room

The Game Room is east of the centrally located Arena. Guest improving their Gaming skill will have access to Loot Master Match-3 games at slot machines near the walls of the room, while the text-based Monsters and Mantids game can be played on tables run by Game Master Mantis.


The Kitchen is a dining area with a second floor balcony. Mandibles lives and works here, offering to buy and sell Food and Cooking Ingredients. A stove (kettle) allows for Cooking.

Access to the High-Stakes Gambling Room is through a door on the balcony.

High-Stakes Gambling Room

A Red Wing Casino guest with 30 Levels of Gaming will be granted access to the High-Stakes Gambling Room. There are two Monsters and Mantids tables and several Loot Master Deluxe Match-3 which give better rewards than the Loot Master Match-3 machines in the Game Room. The Cashfall Match-3 is the same as in the Game Room.

Employee Area

On the west side of the Arena, the employee area is located with some winding corridors. Here the maintenance man resides. In the area is also an overheating boiler (which serves as a Forge), and the employee back entrance (from Eltibule).


Tavilak offers some Gardening seedlings for sale. He also has some Storage to be unlocked and used.

The Garden also has a Tanning Rack.

Four cows (Homer, Maggie, Cookie and Dahlia) can be found in or around the Garden area.

Vendor area

In the north of the Casino there are several hallways with small rooms with either NPC vendors (Eveline Rastin with a Cotton Gin in her room; Kib the Unkillable and Otis; Willem Fangblade) or player vendors.

The Northern (central) most room also has a Meditation Pillar.

Theater room

This area has a Poetry Podium, it also offers different ways to influence the spotlight on the stage.

Teleportation Circles

  • There's a teleportation platform near the Rahu entrance.

Red Wing Casino Inhabitants

Friendly NPCs

  • Cookie, Dahlia, Homer and Maggie (Cows) Hint

Event NPCs

Casino Excursions

Each real-world day, Qatik offers one of four Casino Excursion quests. These quests rotate between the Yeti Cave, Wolf Cave, Dark Chapel, and Winter Nexus. Each quest tasks an adventurer with venturing into a dungeon and defeating bosses to collect items that will only drop while the quest is active.

After a quest is given by Qatik, a Teleportation Attendant Mantis in the Entrance Hall will allow access to a portal that leads to the dungeon of the day. If you have an unfinished quest from a previous day, you must abandon that quest to receive a new one. You can check the real-world time by using the /status command in the chat window.