Willem Fangblade

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Willem Fangblade
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A glint of gold in his gray eyes
Sideroom of the vendor area
Beast Speak:
Speaks With:
Offers Storage

Now I'm no fan of Glabjan --no fan of any goblin. But Dorimir's risking everything by makin' a stink. me an' ma cousin-in-law Arriana like our jobs! We just gotta wait until Glabjan does somethin' stupid. Why can't 'e just be patient?

Willem Fangblade is a vendor in a side room of the vendor area within the (northside of) Red Wing Casino.


Red Wing Casino
Willem Fangblade is a room on the southside of the vendor area


Items Purchased [view/edit]

  • Gems
  • Jewelry
  • Precious metals (e.g. Gold Nuggets)
  • Transmutation/Augmentation-related items

Spending Limits [view/edit]

Favor Level Cap Per Item Weekly Pool
Neutral 200 10,000
Comfortable 200 10,000
Friends 400 20,000
Close Friends
Best Friends
Like Family 100,000
Soul Mates 100,000


Small Talk [view/edit]

  • Loves Green Crystals Hint
  • Loves Brass Items Hint

Favor Rewards

Willem Fangblade rewards his friends with Storage.

Hang Outs

Help Willem in the shop late at night (4h)

Willem Fangblade said, "Well, that's all the inventory done. What say we get more acquainted over a few beers? And then we'll see where it leads us! ... Or did I misunderstand your motive for helpin' me? I'm still tryin' to understand humans. But I like what I've learned so far! Anyway, let's call it a night. If I didn't misunderstand, then maybe we can get that drink some other night."

30 favor with Willem Fangblade


Willem Fangblade offers some quests around the Red Wing Casino.



Willem Fangblade offers Consignment at [Friends].
Mark-up fee of 15% plus 50 Councils, no stocking fee.
Max 1 active consignments (Gems, ores, crystals, jewelry, augmentation-related material).
Max 3 consignments per week.


Willem Fangblade offers storage at [Comfortable] Favor.
Storage is limited to Gems and Ore (no metal slabs).
0 slots at [Neutral].
12 slots at [Comfortable].
24 slots at [Friends].
36 slots at [Close Friends].
48 slots at [Best Friends].
60 slots at [Like Family].
72 slots at [Soul Mates].


Winter Celebration
[Friends] Favor - x5, or x5
[Like Family] Favor - (Human: +5 community, +25 armor)


Eveline's a sweet girl. But I think I made a mistake, um 'dating' her. I tried to be careful and very explicit, 'cause you gotta be explicit with humans. So I explained that I'm betrothed already and when I turn fifty, I'm goin' home to get married. An she said, 'so you're unattached for the next ten years?' and I thought, 'there now, she understands!' ... but she doesn't. She's got these schemes and plans for us... yep, I've made a mistake.

Okay so I admit it, I'm a humy-chaser. They 'ave such big... um, they... look, we can't control what we're attracted to, okay. And I'm not a total pervert. I'm attracted to dwarven woman too! I'm gonna marry one in a few years!

Look, I know Eveline's yer friend. She's ma friend too!... we're more'n friends. And she knows that. But she can't be spreadin' that news around! Uncle Dorimir would send me home in a heartbeat!