Wolf Cave

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Wolf Cave
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Map of Wolf Cave (click for larger size)
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Area Level
40 - 50
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Map by BetaNotus (5/19)

It stinks of rotting meat and dozens of filthy animals.

Wolf Cave is located on the northern shore of Kur Mountains.

Points of Interest

First Level


In the entrance of the Wolf Cave, you can find the Altar of Norala. This is used by lycanthropes to unlock skills and abilities. It becomes available for use each month to lycanthropes during the full moon.

Malgath & Timmy

In the northeastern-most hallway, you can find Malgath hiding behind some rocks. He can teach you Weapon Augmentation.

In the hallway just beyond Malgath's, you can find Timothy Elerimon. Behind him, you can find a book hidden near boxes that can teach you the Hoplology skill.

Lore Book

In the northwestern-most hallway, you can find the lore book Norala the Huntress, which gives a bit of information on the goddess of nature.

Karnag The Imaginary Wolf

Deep inside of the Wolf Cave in the maze of hallways, you can find Karnag The Imaginary Wolf down a staircase-like hallway.


Three battered boxes can be found on the first level. The first one is near Malgath. The second is on the way to the second level. The third is in the deepest room on the first floor, behind Lycanthrope Illusionists.

Deep in the cave, a Treasure Chest can be found past a room with lava in it. To open it, you must first grab a key from the box of keys deeper in the room. Doing so will cause Injector Beasts, and possibly Drakeworms to spawn.

Second Level

To drop down to the second level, head straight from the entrance until you find some boards over a hole in the ground. Jump down the hole to get to the second level.


Once you've dropped down to the second level, after clearing some mobs you'll notice a small pond in the first room. Several Tasty Cavefish can be found here.

The tunnel leading to the next room will seem familiar - another walkway made of planks. If you drop down here, you can find another small pond filled with more Tasty Cavefish.

Right before you get to the jumping puzzle, if you look to your right, you'll notice another pond with several more Tasty Cavefish.

These are all excellent spots for raising your Fishing level past 55.

Jumping Puzzle

Once you clear a path through all of the rooms, you'll find yourself at a jumping puzzle with three platforms and a long drop. The trick to making it across these is to make sure you have nothing affecting your sprint speed, as well as staying away from the wall. If you fall down, you'll find it's almost impossible to get out without a form of superjump, or flight. You can either use the portal that's there, or recall beginnings to get back to the entrance.

Scion of Norala

After making it past the jumping puzzle, behind an Insane Archer and three Wolfen Berzerkers, you'll find the Scion of Norala. In the room behind the Scion, you can find a Battered Box.

Wolf Cave Inhabitants







(Firewood) (Broken Crate) + Other Items (Adventurer's Pack)


Malgath's Chest

  • Loot goes here

Hallway Chest Near Insane Matriarch

Karnag's Chest

  • Loot goes here

Trap Chest

  • Loot goes here

Scion of Norala's Chest