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The Book begins, "I am slowly going mad from the lycan disease. I am writing down everything I know of the art of combat. It is so much deeper than most people realize! Each piece of armor and weaponry has subtle distinctions, and mastering these distinctions gives you tremendous leverage in battle.

I would be pleased and honored if whoever reads this were to follow my lessons and learn my life's work. It may not apply to all warriors, but I at least guarantee you will become a better staff fighter!"


The skill can be obtained by reading a book behind Timothy Elerimon (?) who is located in the Wolf Cave dungeon.


Each base type of object can be studied once. For example, "Quality Sword" and "Quality Sword of System Shocks" are not separate items. However, "Quality Sword of System Shocks" and "Basic Sword of System Shocks" are two different items.

After studying an object, you cannot study another one for 5 minutes.

Each level of hoplology requires 50 XP.


Hoplology Complete Recipe List

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Lvl Name XP Bonus XP Ingredients Results Description
0 Hoplology Research 20 40 Equipment x1 Hoplology Research Analyze a piece of equipment to study how it works. The item is not lost or damaged. You can only study each type of item one time -- further study of similar items gains you nothing. You can only perform Hoplology Research once every 5 minutes.