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Expertise in opening safes, vaults, and other physical barriers.
Skill Type:
Other Skill
Max Level:
Skill Trainers:
Fortunately, Minotaurs' love of puzzles means that the answer is hidden right in the war cache!

— Practice chest in Amulna

In-Game Description

Expertise in opening safes, vaults, and other physical barriers.

Training Safecracking

  • Safecracking is automatically learned on a character when a War Cache chest is first opened. After the first chest, 100 experience is gained for every vault opened.

Connected Skills

  • None
Secondary Skills:
  • None
Related Skills:
  • None
Synergy Levels:

Bonus Synergy Levels for Safecracking can be obtained from the following skills and levels:

There are no Synergy Levels for Safecracking.

Safecracking Mechanics

Opening Chests with The Sand Seer's Advice


With some help from Gremix, the local blacksmith-type, I've managed to get this vault opened and examined the mechanism.

The basics are very simple: each vault can be unlocked by entering a combination of 4 symbols in order. If you make 12 wrong guesses, though, the vault becomes jammed.

Each time you guess, you can see how many symbols in your guess are correct, and further how many symbols are in the answer but are not in the right order. An example notation is '1,2', which would mean 1 of the symbols in your guess is correct, and 2 more of the symbols are part of the answer, but are in the wrong spot.

From these clues it's possible to figure out the answer... but given how many symbols there are, 12 guesses is hardly enough! That's what led me to my biggest discovery...

Rune Symbols

There are 12 symbol buttons on the vault lock, but only six of them are actually connected to the mechanism! The other six symbols can't possibly be part of the solution and are just decoys. So the first task is figuring out which six symbols could be part of the solution.

Fortunately, minotaurs' love of puzzles means that the answer is hidden right in the war cache: there are six rune pictures hidden on the walls of each cache. If you find all six, you've narrowed down the solution tremendously. This is imperative!

For this practice vault, I've connected the top six symbols. The bottom six symbols are never used.

Solving Technique

I haven't had time to figure out a complete solution to unlocking these vaults, but here's my system so far:

1. Figure out the six symbols which could possibly be part of the answer by searching the vault for six corresponding images. (On my practice vault, it's the top row of six symbols).

2. Use your first guesses to figure out which of those six symbols are actually part of the solution. For instance, if the possible runes were A,B,C,D,E, and F, my first guess would be 'AABB' then 'CCDD' and 'EEFF.' These three guesses will give me many pieces of information. After that I just make educated guesses.

3. Carry some lockpicks! The mechanism will jam after 12 tries, but a lockpick can reset it. Unfortunately that will also change the combination, but the new combination will still be comprised of only the six symbols you already found.

4. Practice! I've set up this vault to let me practice my lockbreaking skill. Pity I don't have time to actually get much practicing in...

Player Solving Technique

Click Expand to view the algorithm


You don't need any hints when using this guessing/logic technique.

1. Check combinations of 2 symbols until you have found 4 hits or checked all symbols. Use an AABB pattern. If you found the hints in the dungeon, you only have to check those 6 symbols instead of 12. Tries 1-6 in the image.

1a. If after 6 tries you did not find 4 hits, one of the tries that shows 2 hits could be 3 or 4 hits. You will have to test that separately.

2. Now you have up to 6 symbols that could be part of the solution, tries 2, 4 and 6 in the image. Eliminate those using one of the symbols that does not match.

2a. Try 7 uses one symbol from try 1 which is no match and one symbol from try 2 which could be a match. Try 7 is no match so you know that the other symbol from try 2 is a match!

2b. Repeat this for the symbol from try 6 (in try 8, no match so the other symbol from try 6 is a match) and other symbols.

3. Use logic: you now know the C symbol from try 2 is correct and in slot 1 or 2, also the hourglass symbol from try 6 is correct in slot 1 or 2. That means one of the runes in slot 3 or 4 is already correct and the other will be from try 4 but slot 1 or 2.

3a. Put all the symbols in place, both of those in slots 1, 2 and 3, 4. Try 9 in the image.

3b. It was not correct, the result is (2, 2) so we have to switch 1, 2 or 3, 4 but not between those groups. Try 10 in the image.

3c. Try 10 was not correct but (0, 4) means you can switch 1, 2 and 3, 4 and be finished. Final solution at the top, ready to open the vault.

Safecracking Level Up Rewards

Level Reward
5 +1 to Gaming
10 +1 to Sigil Scripting
20 +1 to Calligraphy
25 +1 to Gaming
30 +1 to Toolcrafting
35 +1 to Alchemy
40 +1 to Hoplology
45 +1 to Sigil Scripting
50 +1 to Psychology

Safecracking Experience Table

Click Expand to view the Experience Table for Safecracking

Level Experience
1 30
2 60
3 100
4 150
5 200
6 250
7 300
8 350
9 400
10 500
11 500
12 500
13 500
14 500
15 500
16 500
17 500
18 500
19 500
20 600
21 600
22 600
23 600
24 600
25 600
26 600
27 600
28 600
29 600
30 600
31 700
32 700
33 700
34 700
35 700
36 700
37 700
38 700
39 700
40 700
41 800
42 800
43 800
44 800
45 800
46 800
47 800
48 800
49 800
50 800