Scion of Norala

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Scion of Norala
File:Scion of Norala.png
Poison, Trauma
Slashing, Cold, Electricity

The Scion of Norala encountered in the Wolf Cave is simply one of many disciples of Norala. This mighty wolf serves as a challenger to all who wish to claim themselves as strong in the eyes of the Goddess Norala.


Wolf Cave
Vitals: Health 7947 Armor 1385 Rage 2010
Location: Found in the deepest point of the dungeon.

Combat Abilities

  • Crushing Damage
  • Rage Crushing Damage
  • Rage Slashing Damage
  • Rage Personal Healing


  • Skin: None
  • Meat: None
  • Skull: Astonishing Large Animal Skull

Reported Loot

  • All kinds of fish
  • Tuft of Fur
  • Magic Tooth
  • Mutton
  • Level 40/45 equipment