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Raw sheep meat.
Value: 15

Stack Size:

How to Obtain

Producing with Recipes


Obtaining through Bartering



Monster Location
Crazed Alpha Wolf Cave
Fire Sheep Serbule Hills
Fire Sheep Serbule Crypt
Fire Sheep Goblin Dungeon
Greta Myconian Cave
Insatiable Werewolf Wolf Cave
Karnag The Imaginary Wolf Wolf Cave
Lycanthrope Illusionist Wolf Cave
Scion of Norala Wolf Cave
Valley Sheep Serbule Hills
Wooly Admirer Serbule Hills

From :

Serbule Hills


Quest Rewards


Other Ways to Obtain


Using in Recipes

Lvl Name Ingredients Results
10 Fried Lamb Chops icon_6209.png Mutton x2
icon_5794.png Butter x1
icon_5013.png Salt x2
icon_5816.png Fried Lamb Chops x2
14 Cranberry-Barbecue Mutton icon_6209.png Mutton x1
icon_6297.png Cranberries x1
icon_5142.png Oak Wood Chips x1
icon_5818.png Cranberry-Barbecue Mutton x1
17 Serbule-Style Lamb Chops icon_6209.png Mutton x1
icon_5819.png Watercress x1
icon_5003.png Boletus Mushroom x1
icon_5013.png Salt x1
icon_5818.png Serbule-Style Lamb Chops x1
19 Durstin's Mutton Stew icon_6209.png Mutton x3
icon_5022.png Potato x2
icon_5024.png Onion x1
icon_5103.png Cabbage x1
icon_5013.png Salt x1
icon_5816.png Durstin's Mutton Stew x2
20 Bland Mutton Vindaloo icon_6209.png Mutton x1
icon_5022.png Potato x1
icon_5024.png Onion x1
icon_5678.png Basic Vinegar x1
icon_5818.png Bland Mutton Vindaloo x1
24 Durstin's Minty Lamb Chops icon_6209.png Mutton x2
icon_5669.png Mint x1
icon_5778.png Olive Oil x1
icon_5332.png Peppercorns x1
icon_5013.png Salt x2
icon_5816.png Durstin's Minty Lamb Chops x2
28 Mutton and Eggs icon_5573.png Egg x2
icon_5024.png Onion x1
icon_6209.png Mutton x1
icon_5013.png Salt x1
icon_5031.png Mutton and Eggs x1
Mushroom Farming
Lvl Name Ingredients Results
7 Mushroom Substrate: Meat Meat x1
Meat x1
Meat x1
icon_5535.png Mushroom Substrate (Meat) x1


NPC Location Preferences
Selaxi Amulna in Ilmari Loves (Meat : 37.5*)
Joeh Serbule Keep in Serbule Loves (Meat : 37.5*)
Tangle The Sacred Grotto in Kur Loves (Meat : 37.5*)
Rubi The Sacred Grotto in Kur Loves (Meat : 37.5*)
Cassie The Sacred Grotto in Kur Loves (Meat : 37.5*)
Lumpfuzz Amulna in Ilmari Loves (Meat : 37.5*)
Sammie Grimspine Western Serbule Hills Likes (Meat : 37.5*)
Fainor Serbule Keep in Serbule Likes (Meat : 37.5*)
Spot Animal Town in Sun Vale Likes (Meat : 37.5*)
Mandibles Red Wing Casino Likes (Cooking Ingredients)
Sugar (NPC) The Sacred Grotto in Kur Hates (Meat : 37.5*)
Raina The Fel-Dasculan Ruins in the Fae Realm Hates (Meat : 37.5*)
Raul Animal Town in Sun Vale Hates (Meat : 37.5*)
Therese Serbule Keep in Serbule Hates (Meat : 37.5*)

*Mutton has an effective value different from its base value (15) when gifted as a member of this item category.

Bartering Uses



Direct Consumption

Ability Consumption


Quest Fulfillment

Quest Number Required Quest Cooldown
(if repeatable)
NPC Minimum Favor Location Notes
Gigantic Barbecue 50 (Collect any Meat) One time only Noita the Green Neutral The Fel-Dasculan Ruins in the Fae Realm

Other Uses