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Did that mantis just wink at you?
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I do enjoy interacting with other cultures, and my role of providing fleshy bipeds with consumables does help me learn a great amount about inebriated humanoids. But still, I feel I would be better used on the battlefield. Queen Ravaxis disagrees.

Mandibles is a mantis cook in the Kitchen within the Red Wing Casino. She also teaches some cooking recipes as well as a cheesemaking recipe or two.


Red Wing Casino
Mandibles is always in the kitchen within the Red Wing Casino.


Mandibles sells a selection of basic cooking supplies.

Items Sold[view/edit]

 5 for 37 councils   [?] 
 5 for 37 councils   [?] 
 5 for 7 councils   [?] 
 200 councils   [?] 
 250 councils   [?] 
 45 councils   [?] 
 20 councils   [?] 
 60 councils   [?] 
 120 councils   [?] 
 25 councils   [?] 
 50 councils   [?] 

Items Purchased [view/edit]

  • Food
  • Cooking Ingredients

Spending Limits [view/edit]

Favor Level Cap Per Item Weekly Pool
Neutral 50 2,500
Close Friends 400 20,000
Best Friends 35,000
Like Family
Soul Mates 70,000


Small Talk [view/edit]

  • Likes Cooking Recipe Scrolls Hint
  • Likes Cooking Ingredients Hint Hint

Favor Rewards

Mandibles rewards her friends with storage space, cooking and cheesemaking recipes, consignment and a hot tip.

Hang Outs

Help Mandibles prepare tomorrow's meals (Close Friends - 4 hours)

" And here we have our piles of... oh. Oh, I forgot! Well, it's too late now: you've seen the secret: the Mystery Meat is dog meat.

Now, I understand that some cultures find this disturbing and upsetting, but please take into account that in MY culture, dog meat is delicious. Especially with my famous barbecue sauce! Try it! See, this is how you make the sauce... don't tell me that is undelicious -- I can tell when you are lying! Hahaha! Not really. I'm terrible at mindreading.

Oh, but don't tell anyone our secret or I will definitely kill you. That's not a joke, the queen will make me do it. So please, just keep quiet."

35 favor with Mandibles
icon_4003.png Recipe: icon_5933.png Barbecued Mystery Meat


Mandibles offers some quests to help feed the hungry denizens of the Red Wing Casino.


Mandibles will train cooking and cheesemaking recipes.

Unlock Skill Level Cost Favor
icon_4003.png Recipe: icon_5932.png Casino Kabobs  30    1560 councils   [Comfortable] 
icon_4003.png Recipe: icon_5818.png Chicken-Rabbit Rice  35    1960 councils   [Comfortable] 
icon_4003.png Recipe: icon_5822.png Casino Breakfast  36    2040 councils   [?] 
icon_4003.png Recipe: icon_5820.png Diet Lunch  37    2120 councils   [?] 
icon_4003.png Recipe: icon_5933.png Barbecue Rabbit Chops  36    2040 councils   [?] 
icon_4003.png Recipe: icon_5816.png Cup o' Paralysis  39    2300 councils   [?] 
icon_4003.png Recipe: icon_5225.png Sweet and Numb Chicken  40    2400 councils   [?] 
icon_4003.png Recipe: icon_5820.png Winter Salad  40    2400 councils   [?] 
icon_4003.png Recipe: icon_5932.png Deluxe Casino Kabobs  40    2400 councils   [?] 
icon_4003.png Recipe: icon_5816.png Recuperative Soup  31    1640 councils   [?] 
icon_4003.png Recipe: icon_5934.png Mandibles' Perfect Lunch  41    2500 councils   [?] 
icon_4003.png Recipe: icon_5818.png Creamy Squash Casserole  41    2500 councils   [Best Friends] 
icon_4003.png Recipe: icon_5818.png Broccoli Squash Bake  42    2600 councils   [Best Friends] 
icon_4003.png Recipe: icon_5225.png All-Flavor Chicken  43    2700 councils   [Best Friends] 
icon_4003.png Recipe: icon_5933.png Barbecue Chicken  44    2800 councils   [Like Family] 
icon_4003.png Recipe: icon_5705.png Banana-Almond Pancakes  45    2900 councils   [Like Family] 
icon_4003.png Recipe: icon_5818.png Casino Stir-Fry  46    3000 councils   [Like Family] 
icon_4003.png Recipe: icon_5933.png Disappointing Corn Surprise  57    4280 councils   [Soul Mates] 
icon_4003.png Recipe: icon_5934.png Tart Applesauce  63    5100 councils   [Soul Mates] 
Unlock Skill Level Cost Favor
icon_4003.png Recipe: icon_5337.png Munster Cheese  17    1033 councils   [Friends] 
icon_4003.png Recipe: icon_5333.png Gul Cheese  51    6500 councils   [Like Family] 



Mandibles offers Consignment at [Best Friends].
Mark-up fee of 10%, no stocking fee.
Max 1 active consignments (Food, Drink, Cooking Ingredients).
Max 4 consignments per week.


Mandibles offers storage at [Comfortable] Favor.
Storage is limited to Food and Cooking Ingredients.
0 slots at [Neutral].
10 slots at [Comfortable].
20 slots at [Friends].
30 slots at [Close Friends].
40 slots at [Best Friends].
50 slots at [Like Family].
60 slots at [Soul Mates].


Winter Celebration
[Friends] Favor -
[Like Family] Favor - ,


I was not always assigned to casino service duty. Once I was a well-regarded warrior in our Sedgewick Forest patrol teams. My left forward leg was crushed and I was reassigned. I have since returned to reasonably competent form, but I am still stuck here. I am apparently an indispensable part of the casino front operations.