Bloodthirsty Werewolf

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Bloodthirsty Werewolf
File:Bloodthirsty Werewolf.png
Poison, Trauma
Slashing, Cold, Electricity
Bloodthirsty Werewolf can be found inside the Wolf Cave. They are stronger than the Insane Werewolves found outside the cave. Beware their Pack Attack! Every time they mark you it with, you'll take increased damage from the wolves. Even worse, their howl draws nearby wolves, making it very easy to get swarmed, chain stunned, and killed.


Wolf Cave
Vitals: Health 800 Armor 558 Rage 1040
Location: Found throughout the dungeon.

Combat Abilities

  • Crushing Damage
  • Rage Crushing Damage
  • Rage Personal Healing
  • Rage Slashing Damage


  • Level: ?
  • Skin: Nice
  • Meat: None
  • Skull: Astonishing Large Animal Skull

Reported Loot

  • All kinds of fish (including Shark and Eel)
  • Tuft of Fur
  • Magic Tooth
  • Mutton
  • Venison