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Skill Type:
Trade Skill
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Skinning Overview

Skinning is one of the possible "corpse actions" you can take after you defeat an enemy, provided you have some kind of skinning knife in your inventory. In general you are only able to skin non-sentient mammals. Tougher enemies will result in better skins, which can be turned into rolls, which can be crafted into gear.

In-Game Description

Skill in the act of removing fur or skin from an animal. You need to be carrying a Skinning Knife in order to skin a corpse. Corpses of sentient creatures, such as goblins and humans, can't be skinned.

Training Skinning

  • Beginning players can obtain a Simple Skinning Knife by helping Ivyn, or by buying one from Kleave in Eltibule

Connected Skills


  • None

Secondary Skills:

  • None

Related Skills:

  • Tanning - Skins can be processed into rolls
  • Leatherworking - The end result of skins.
  • Butchering - One of the other possible corpse actions. If you skin a corpse, you cannot butcher it, and vice versa.
Synergy Levels:

Bonus Synergy Levels for Skinning can be obtained from the following skills and levels:

Level 10, Level 30, Level 50
Level 15
Level 20
Textile Creation
Level 20

Skinning Mechanics

List of Skins

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Trophy Skins and Exotic Items

Your chance of receiving special items depends on your Anatomy level for the type of mob that you're skinning. For example, at level 50 Cat Anatomy, you have a 5% chance of obtaining a Trophy Panther Skin from a Razorslash Panther. It's a bit easier to get Exotic Items: at level 49 cat Anatomy, you have a 14% chance of getting a Cat Eyeball from a Tiger.

Extra Skins

If your skinning level is much higher than the mob, you have the chance to get extra skins. Typically this is either the normal skin + 1 skin of a lower tier, 2 normal skins, or 2 normal skins + 1 skin of the lower tier.

XP Gains

Skinning an enemy successfully gives XP equivalent to the enemy's level, rounded up to the nearest multiple of 5. It seems that getting any extra skins or special items (e.g. cat eyes, pig snouts) gives another +5 XP for each skin/item. Trophy skins also give +5.

Failing a skinning gives a portion of the XP you would have gained from a successful skin.


Simple Skinning Knife

A simple skinning knife for beginning skinners. (Keep it in your inventory and you'll be given the option to skin the corpses of some enemies.)

Value: 5

A Simple Skinning Knife sold by Kleave.
Knife Description
Skinningknife Simple Skinning Knife -
Skinningknife Basic Skinning Knife A basic skinning knife for novice skinners. (+2 to your effective skill when skinning.)
Skinningknife Good Skinning Knife A quality skinning knife for experienced skinners. (+4 to your effective skill when skinning.)
Skinningknife Experts Skinning Knife A great skinning knife for expert Skinners. (+6 to your effective skill when skinning.)
Skinningknife Master Skinning Knife A perfect skinning knife for master Skinners. (+8 to your effective skill when skinning.)
Skinningknife Amazing Skinning Knife A perfect skinning knife for master Skinners. (+10 to your effective skill when skinning.)
Utility Knife Utility Knife A versatile knife for skinning or butchering. (Keep it in your inventory and you'll be given the option to skin andlor butcher the corpses of some enemies.)
None Multipurpose Knife A versatile knife for skinning, butchering, or skull extraction. (Keep it in your inventory and you'll be given the option to skin, butcher, andlor extract the skull of some enemies.)

Skins and Suggested Levels

Skin Skinning Creatures & XP Gain Area(s)

Rat +5
Deer +8
Pig +8

Between the town and the rocky cave (east on the minimap) lots of Pigs and Wolves. In the Serbule Sewers, lots of Sewer Rats.

Buck Deer +13
Doe Deer +13
Doe Snow Deer +36
Feral Cow +15
Panther +25
Wild Pig +15
Worg +13

South of Serbule up the hills.

Bear Groupie +29
Wolf +20
Tiger +25
Feral Bull +21
Fire Sheep +25
Misery Yak +27
Panther +30
Tor-Urak +40


Anomalous Sheep +35
Buck Snowdeer +33
Cunning Wolf + 35
Fey Panther Groupie +35
Mountain Sheep +35
The Mangler +39
The Mauler +39
Trained Crushing Bear +39

Southwestern Eltibule

Bleddyn +45
Bloodthirsty Werewolf +45
Hungry Tundra Wolf +40
Ice Bear +45
Insane Werewolf

Kur Mountains

Razorslash Panther
Crazed Alpha

Razorslash Panther is In Kur, west of Kur Tower. Crazed Alpha is in the Wolf Cave

Wild Worg
Desert Rhino

Grimalkin can be found around Ilmari, and Wild Worgs can be found in Amaluk Valley Cave. Desert Rhinos and Deinonychuses can be found in the large plain in Rahu.

Starving Tundra Wolf
The Hound of Amaluk Valley

Amaluk Valley Cave

Trophy Skins

Skin Questgiver Value
Trophy Bear Skin None 750
Trophy Cow Hide Braigon 750
Trophy Deer Skin None 250
Trophy Panther Skin Gorvessa 1200
Trophy Rat Skin Thimble Pete 250
Trophy Sheep Skin Syndra 750
Trophy Tiger Skin Roshun the Traitor 600
Trophy Wolf Skin Mushroom Jack; Ukorga x5 750
Trophy Rhino Hide None 1800
Trophy Droach Skin None 2500

Skinning Level Up Rewards

Level Reward
10 +1 to Tanning
20 +1 to Leatherworking
30 +1 to Tanning
40 +1 to Butchering
50 +1 to Tanning


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