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She looks cold, tired, and worried.
North of the large ravine, in a barn.
Beast Speak:
Skill Trainer:

Well, I was in this... club. Not an illicit guild, though, ha ha! But anyway, things got out of hand and I decided I needed to move. This barn seemed like a perfect spot to lay low for a little while! But it's very, very drafty.

Syndra is an Elven craftsman and Armor Augmentation trainer currently living in the Kur Mountains. Syndra was once part of Nightshade's crafting crew in Verta. She brought a magic fire with her, but it seems to be broken. In the past, she maintained a research laboratory in Sinoca and was nicknamed the Frisky Ferret.

The barn is quite drafty, so Syndra is too cold to talk until the campfire next to her is lit.


Kur Mountains
North of the large ravine, inside a barn.

Items Purchased [1]

Tuft of Fur

Spending Limits [2]

Favor Level Cap Per Item Weekly Pool
Neutral 7,500
Comfortable 10000
Friends 20000
Close Friends 30000
Best Friends 50000
Like Family
Soul Mates

Small Talk [3]

  • Likes Wood
  • Likes Furniture
  • Likes Leather Rolls Hint



Armor Augmentation - Requires 25 Alchemy and Leatherworking
Syndra will teach you this skill once you have found her for Nightshade and returned to Nightshade to complete that quest.
Armor Augmentation is one of the many Augmentation skills unlocked by completing Nightshade's favors.
See Armor Augmentation for detailed list of the Augments available.