Bear Groupie

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Bear Groupie
Bear Groupie.jpg
Electricity, Acid
Crushing, Trauma

Bear Groupies are fans of The Mauler and The Mangler's work. They are often found intermixed with Fey Panther Groupies.

Seen them green bears out there? They're dangerous as hell, but don't bother killin' em, they'r efey! They just come right back a week later! And so do those damned green panthers, must be fey too. But there are some ordinary bears that follow 'em around, charmed by their magic. Kill those ordinary bears and we can at least start to lower the danger!

Percy Evans


Location: In the Southwest area of the zone, right next to the Charm Cat Shrine.

Combat Abilities

  • Slashing Damage
  • Crushing Damage
  • Rage Crushing Health Devastation


  • Skin: Rough, Crude, Trophy Bear
  • Meat: Cheap Meat
  • Skull: Animal Skull

Reported Loot

  • Violet Seeds
  • Banana
  • Daisy Seeds
  • Cedar Wood x 5