Squash Seedling

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Squash Seedling
Gardening 30
A plantable squash seedling.
Value: 13

Stack Size:

How to Obtain

Producing with Recipes


Obtaining through Bartering


Vendor Location
Brianna Willer Serbule Hills
Dachak the Digger Povus
Floxie Fae Realm
Jesina Eltibule
Julius Patton Serbule Hills
Kelim Ilmari
Norbert Sun Vale
Tavilak Red Wing Casino
Therese Serbule
Yetta Eltibule


Monster Location
Billy Boat-Biter Sun Vale
Conscripted Troll Sun Vale
Conscripted Troll Winter Nexus
Extra-Great White Shark Sacrificial Sea Cave
Feral Bull Eltibule
Feral Cow Eltibule
Feral Gnasher Hogan's Basement
Gnasher Eltibule
Gnasher Labyrinth
Great White Shark Anagoge
Great White Shark Sun Vale
Great White Shark Molybdenum Mine
Guard Gnasher Hogan's Basement
Hippo Sun Vale
Hippo Sacrificial Sea Cave
Mountain Sheep Kur Mountains
Mountain Sheep Gazluk
Opportunistic Island Rat Sun Vale
Pit-fighting Bear Hogan's Basement
Poison Slug Crystal Cavern
Poison Slug Myconian Cave
Poison Slug Eltibule
Poison Slug Goblin Dungeon
Poison Slug Sun Vale
Poison Slug Rahu Sewer
Poison Slug Snowblood Shadow Cave
Sacrificial Shark Sacrificial Sea Cave
Sand Dog Sun Vale
Sand Dog Ilmari
Sand Dog War Cache
Strong Slime Goblin Dungeon
Strong Slime Sacrificial Sea Cave
Trained Crushing Bear Goblin Dungeon
Trained Crushing Bear Hogan's Basement
Trained Crushing Bear Boarded up Basement
Veteran War Gnasher Hogan's Basement


Quest Rewards


Other Ways to Obtain


Using in Recipes



NPC Location Preferences
Jaw Myconian Cave in Serbule Loves (Plants)
Ivyn Ivyn's Farm in Serbule Likes (Seedlings : 130*)
Hulon the Hoarder Serbule Keep in Serbule Likes (Seedlings : 130*)
Julius Patton Western Serbule Hills Likes (Plants)
Therese Serbule Keep in Serbule Likes (Plants)
Roshun the Traitor The Housing Complex in Northern Serbule Hates (Nature-Related Items)

*Squash Seedling has an effective value different from its base value (13) when gifted as a member of this item category.

Bartering Uses



Direct Consumption

Ability Consumption


Quest Fulfillment

Quest Number Required Quest Cooldown
(if repeatable)
NPC Minimum Favor Location Notes
Ivyn Needs Seedlings 3 (Collect) One time only Ivyn Tolerated Ivyn's Farm in Serbule

Other Uses