Brianna Willer

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Brianna Willer
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She looked annoyed
Serbule Hills
Her farm
Beast Speak:
Skill Trainer:

Well, I mean, that'd be stabbin' my own foot with the hoe, right? I'm the only brewer for miles, and even so, I only sell a few barrels a month. Competition would put me out of business!

Brianna Willer

Brianna Willer is a farmer and brewer living in the region of South Serbule. She considers beer making her passion, and produces a few kegs every month for the local inns and bars. Brianna has never been married, but claims to have had a 'special suitor' when she was younger.

Brianna is generally wary of sharing information with strangers. Therese is willing to provide an introduction, but only for her [Close Friends].

Yes, Brianna Willer! She's a pretty human lady in South Serbule. I met her when I was searching the nearby lands for fellow gardeners. Durstin from the Tapestry Inn introduced us.

So Brianna is a gardener?

Yes! In fact, she's an expert on, um, 'alternative gardening.' And I think she might be flattered if you showed up and asked her for gardening advice. You're such an apt student that : I'm running out of things to teach you!

How do I find Brianna?

She's in South Serbule, at [todo: write this].
Tell her you're my friend, and she'll at least be willing to talk to you. Bring dahlias, she likes those!


Brianna was introduced to Therese by Durstin Tallow. Brianna treats Therese as a friend, but is convinced that any gestures Therese makes towards her have ulterior purposes.

Hahaha! 'Alternative Farming?! Therese is adorable. Which is the only reason I haven't slapper her. She just doesn't take no for an answer! I'd be more pissed off if she wasn't an elf. But you've gotta make exceptions for elves, 'cuz of their nature.

I know why she really sent you: she's buttering me up. She's been trying to get in my pants for a month now. And you can tell her to forget it! I don't swing that way, and Therese knows it!

Brianna Willer


South Serbule
Brianna Willer is always near her farmhouse in South Serbule.

Items Purchased

Brianna Willer/Items purchased

Spending Limits

Brianna Willer/Spending limits


Brianna sells ... to be included

Small Talk

  • Loves Dahlias Hint
  • Loves Moss Agates
  • Likes Barrels


Brianna Willer offers a few quests around the South Serbule region.

Reward for Rotten Beer Needs Rotten Fruit


At [Comfortable]
Brewing is available for Training.
At [Friends]


Brianna Willer will train Brewing skills to Level 35 Gardeners, who have both been introduced by Therese, and reached [Comfortable] Favor with Brianna.

a table of skills to be included



At [Comfortable], Brianna will offer to barter with you:

Give Receive
x6 x1
x1 x5
x1 x5
x1 x1
x1 x1
x1 x1

Hang Out

  • Weed the entire garden while Brianna watches and complains (3 hours) [Neutral]

Reward for Weed the entire garden while Brianna watches and complains

  • Help Brianna prepare barley for beer (4 hours) [Comfortable] - Complete Earlier Hang Out

Reward for Help Brianna prepare barley for beer