Myconian Cave

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Myconian Cave
Myconian Cave (map).png
Map of Myconian Cave (click for larger size)
Connects to
Area Level
25 - 35
Myconian CavePlayerMap.png
Map by BetaNotus (5/19)

Myconian Cave is located within one of the many giant mushrooms spread about Northwest Serbule. The entrance can be a bit confusing: any large mushroom will allow you in if you speak their tongue (Myconic). Look for them in the hills near the Eltibule portal and the Mantis house in the North area of the map.


  • In addition to the many harvestable mushrooms, many foes can also be looted for mushrooms.
  • In the Tidal area (4), you may have to hug the ledges on the sides of the cave to be able to use Fire Magic.
  • To enter the cave, you need 8 in the Myconic language skill. To talk to many of the NPCs, you need 10 or more in Myconic.

Points of Interest

Teleportation Circle

A teleportation circle is located south of the Exit portal, near Voo and Jaw.


Tremor mulls over why he should be the boss, and not Tidal. Note that he does have a curse, like Tidal. Hand-drawn diagrams (a lore item) can be found lying on the floor.

Greta's Nest

Greta (a very large Tender) is a mini-boss with no curse. It is the subject of a favor for the Myconians and otherwise does not have any special loot.

Tidal & Poe

Poe will take delivery of a message from Mu, he gives quests. Tidal is on a small island, protected by a couple Tornadoes. The tornadoes can knock you off the island, thus making Fire Magic spells unavailable until you climb out of the water. It is quite easy to get back on the island, and there is another large patch of dry land at the back end of the room.


Yoy is a placeholder as of the alpha. He says "I will have tasks for you, but I'm not yet Implemented!".`

Myconian Cave Inhabitants



Special Foes



(Mycology 15)
(Mycology 20)
(Mycology 25)
(Mycology 30)
(Mycology 40)
(disguised as Coral)

Minerals & Metal

Adventurer's Pack


Tremor's Chest

Greta's Chest

Poe's Chest


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