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A Myconian.
In the second western branch.
Beast Speak:
Skill Trainer:

When Tidal broke from Mu, I followed Tidal because I thought it would let me return to the surface world. But in truth Tidal wishes only to destroy the surface world, not explore it. He cannot succeed, but he can cause great misery in his attempt.

Poe is a Myconian craftsman found deep in the Myconian Cave. Poe once worked alongside Nightshade's crafting guild. Other Myconians view Poe as an outcast because he wishes to return to and explore the surface world. After he returned to the Myconian Cave, he initially sided with Tidal in rebellion of Mu, but realized his mistake.

Note: Poe requires you to be more fluent in Myconic than the average Myconian in the caves. Hint


Myconian Cave
In the second western branch going north through the cave, at the end of the northern split in the water.

Items Purchased [1]

Poe/Items purchased

Spending Limits [2]

Poe/Spending limits

Small Talk [3]

  • Likes Mushrooms Hint
  • Loves Flowers Hint
  • Loves Ores and Unrefined Metals Hint



Jewelry Augmentation - Requires 25 Alchemy and Toolcrafting
Poe will teach you this skill once you have found him for Nightshade and returned to Nightshade to complete that quest.
Necklace Augments
Ring Augments
Jewelry Augmentation is one of the many Augmentation skills unlocked by completing Nightshade's favors.
See Jewelry Augmentation for detailed list of Necklace and Ring Augments available.