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Cold, Acid
Myconian are an otherworldy race. In our realm, they take on the form of sentient mushrooms. Most of the Myconians in the Myconian Cave are loyal to General Lavorel and are tough. They have the ability to disable basic attacks temporarily.


Myconian Cave
Vitals: Health 240 Armor 91 Rage 291
Location: Concealed in large patches of mushrooms.

Combat Abilities

icon_2105.png Crushing Damage
Rage-icon.png icon_3068.png Nature Damage, Power Drain
Rage-icon.png icon_3068.png Nature Damage, Lose Basic Attacks


Skull Extraction

Reported Loot

Level XX Equipment

General Loot


- The Myconian race has lived in the Council Lands for many years in secret. Myconians are mainly cave dwellers and keep to themselves in their local enclaves. Myconians absorb energy from glowing blue mushrooms called amanita gloria. Their bodies turn this energy into Myconian Jelly, which they excrete from their bodies. The excess Myconian Jelly is stored in large cylindrical mushrooms alongside Sporelings, the future generations of Myconians. In recent times, the Myconians of Serbule have mastered the art of taming Garden-Tenders. Myconians measure time in Moon cycles and seasons.
- A being named General Lavorel traveled to the home of the pod of Myconians living in the Myconian Cave in Serbule 31 of their moon cycles ago, during his search for the being called Dalvos. This being taught the Myconians to use their hallucination spores to communicate with humans. Lavorel stayed with the Myconians and taught them about human society for five moon cycles before leaving.
- The Myconian Cave Myconians accepted his teachings and began to worship General Lavorel as if he were a god. Before leaving, Lavorel enhanced the abilities of two Myconians, Tremor and Tidal. The Myconian Cave is currently in a conflict between Tidal's forces and the Myconians who support the peaceful methods practiced by Mu, Voo, Way, and Jaw.
- The Myconians are trying to adapt to the human concepts of trade and ownership. Some are experiencing difficulty with the concepts.