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General Lavorel is a general working for The Council and has been tasked with hunting down and capturing Dalvos. He has made it his job to corrupt and destroy all of Dalvos's experiments, while working on his own. He sabotaged Dalvos's plans with the Mantis race, started a Myconian civil war, and seems to be meddling in Fae affairs.

Dalvos is aware that Lavorel is hunting him.

World Influence

Crystal Cavern

A note was left for Lavorel by Dalvos in the Crystal Cavern.

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I know you work for the Council, and I pity you. But I am no ordinary bounty. Do not come further. My poisonous beasts will slay you, and no one will mourn you. -Dalvos

Item-icon-book.png Warning

Carpal Tunnels

Lavorel visited the Mantis population Carpal Tunnels during his search for Dalvos. He taught them powerful magic before leaving. He left the Mantises with one last recipe before he left. When used, the Mantis Sherzat went insane.

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Lavorel gave us one last recipe as he departed, promising it would create a warrior of unequaled power. As the foremost psychic among us, it is my right to claim this power. I have consumed the potion, I will write down the effects for posterity.

Hour 5: my psychic faculties seem to grow weaker, not stronger! This must be a temporary setback before my true power appears.

Day 3: My brain is growing dimmer in every way. I can no longer contain my rage. Today I banished Elzehatl when he tried to help me. Then I murdered Zurkaletl with a burst of some sort of toxic goo. I am disgusted with what I've become.

Day 4: I have retreated deep into our makeshift home where I cannot harm more of my brethren.

Item-icon-book.png Sherzat's Journal

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I left this journal behind for you, Dalvos. I want you to know I'm hunting you. I know you created these horrific mentalist bug people. You think you're such a clever wizard, don't you? But any Prodigy can easily master these old forbidden rituals. I've done so, and gone a step further: I taught them to your monsters! Now they create their own hideous beasts. And they no longer idolize you, Dalvos. They hate you. I will take all your allies from you, as you have done to me. I will not stop until your head is mounted on my wall, and my name is cleared -

General Lavorel

The rest of the journal is notes on alchemical concoctions, but key ingredient details have been torn from the book.

Item-icon-book.png General Lavorel's Diary

Myconian Cave

General Lavorel traveled to the Myconian Cave in Serbule during his search for Dalvos, thirty one Myconian moon cycles ago. He decided to stay with the Myconian pod living there for five of their moon cycles. During this time, he taught them how to communicate with humans and introduced them to the concept of self-identity. Lavorel was treated as a god by the Myconians. Before he left, Lavorel enhanced the abilities of two Myconians, Tremor and Tidal to serve as leaders in his place. A small band of Myconians disagree with his actions and have begun to fight against his two enhanced lieutenants.

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You've no doubt met my mute friends. I call the big one "Tremor" and the clever one "Tidal." In exchange for their service, I've given them great power. But you bested them, didn't you?

Find me. I will reward you with true power.

-General Lavorel

Item-icon-book.png Letter