Crystal Cavern

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Crystal Cavern
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Map of Crystal Cavern (click for larger size)
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Area Level
15 - 20
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Map by BetaNotus (5/19)

Crystal Cavern, also known as the "creepy crystal cave" or the "caves under Serbule", is a small cave that lies beneath the giant red crystal found north of Serbule Keep. This area can be deadly for low level adventurers due to the poison stacking caused by the creatures found there. Although residents of the region mention that the appearance of the giant Rubywall Crystal above-ground is a recent event, it is unclear if the cave existed previously to that event.

Dalvos used the cave as an place to experiment with what is assumed to be theNaturesphere, and succeeded in creating a both inside weather systems and a sentient Tornado which still guards his storage room there. Another of his experiments, the curse-granting cow Maronesa, was abandoned in another passageway.

To gain access to this dungeon perform the following steps:

Tip for surviving and gaining access

Points of Interest

Dalvos' Room

At the end of the cave is a room with a journal written by Dalvos, as well as his Abandoned Storage Chest (16 slots). To access the chest however you have to run through a bunch of slugs that can stack poison on you.

Several items can spawn in this room: Ivory Spoon, Goblet, Plate, Crusty Bread, Empty Bottle, Red Apple.

Storage Chest

A "large and well made" storage chest with a capacity of 16 slots. Note that there exists a Word of Power (Level 2) that teleports inside the cave... which could make this storage useful in some scenarios.

Dalvos' Lab Notes

Amidst the diagrams and bizarre symbols, you spot several formulae for elemental protection potions (examining Dalvos' Lab Notes and opt to "Study the Recipes"):

Recipe: (L 5)
Recipe: (L 10)
Recipe: (L 10)

Crystal Cavern Inhabitants