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Cow Form
Maronesa is a Cow boss. She has the ability to curse you. After 2 minutes, you will become a cow. Cure this by either slaying her, or completing a quest found in Serbule. You may also, of course, enjoy being a Cow. Moo!

Maronesa was one of Dalvos's experiments in the Crystal Cavern. When he left, she was abandoned there.


Day 5: Creature remains too docile to attack me on sight and has not attempted to become bipedal. Claims she is happy the way she is. Frustrating. All discussions invariably lead to commentary on lactation. Also frustrating.

Day 6: new plan! Going to make a plague beast. Force-fed her huge amounts of ranami root to insight violent tendencies.

Day 7: Creature is violent and very contagious. However, it's a one-off contagion: other infected subjects won't spread the disease. Unacceptable.

Day 8: Must leave! Abandoning experiment. Going to infuse ranami root throughout remaining food in the hopes that she eventually becomes a sociopathic killing machine. If I ever make it back here, I'll check up on her.

Item-icon-book.png Minotaur Experiment Schedule


Crystal Cavern
Vitals: Health 1551 Armor 251 Rage 361
Location: Down the branching path.
Dark Chapel
Variant: Maronesa Enhanced
Vitals: Health 4110 Armor 446 Rage 730
Location: Scion's cavern.
Time Conditions: Summoned by the Scion of Discord


Approaching Maronesa will alert Adventurers with some of her thoughts.

I'd rather go back to being cow smart, if it meant I could go home.

I miss grazing under the open sky...

I wonder what my daughter is doing.

Dalvos come back! Milk me you bastard.

Why doesn't Dalvos play with me anymore? Is it because of how I tried to kill him?


You are a cow.

Turns you into a cow. Can be cured by a "Cure Bovinity" Word of Power (ask around, they are pretty cheap to make).

Combat Abilities


  • Crushing Damage
  • Rage Crushing Knockback Curse


  • Skin: Rough
  • Meat: Steak
  • Skull: Animal Skull

Reported Loot

  • Level 10-15 Weapons