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A curse is a semi-permanent, detrimental effect inflicted on the player character by certain bosses. The primary way to remove a curse is by defeating the boss that cursed you with it. Most curses can also be cured with an expensive Minor Panacea (a drop from level 50-60 dungeons).

There are currently a few types of curse:

  • Beast Forms curses which can be cured with Words of Power (Cure Arachnia, Cure Bovinity, etc.).
  • Permanent choices, such as Druid or Lycanthropy are impossible to remove.
  • Detrimental curses that reduce the character damage, movement speed, and so on

List of cursing bosses

Here is a list of bosses with known curses. If one is missing please edit the corresponding page ("curse" parameter in Template:MOB infobox, and Curse section in the page).

Boss name Curse Curse effects
Asterion Lost Direction Sense

Which way is which? You keep getting turned all around.

You will turn in random directions.
Ciervos The Shadow Deer Form

You are a cute little deer.

Turns you into a deer. Can also be cured by Un-Deer Juice or Druid's Deer Form.
Claudia Aged
Your body feels unnaturally older. Slightly wiser, but mostly just older.
-10% Max Health, +3% Max Power
This is a permanent curse; you must defeat Claudia to remove it.
Dementia Puck Combat Disorientation

You're prone to forgetting your plan of attack.

Your ability bars will randomly re-order themselves.
Doctrine-Keeper Pro-Ranalon

You've been indoctrinated into the culture of the ranalon race.This is a permanent curse; you must defeat the Ranalon Doctrine-Keeper to remove it.

Forgotten Loading Golem Concussion Damage

Occasionally you loose motor coordination and can't attack.

Every so often, you won't be able to use abilities.
Gajus the Big-Headed Magnacephalus

Your head and brain have grown! You can't wear headgear, but you gain +25 Power.

Gazluk Clutchmaster Egg Infestation

Thousands of unfertilized Urak eggs have been injected under your flesh. They keep popping out...
This is a permanent curse. You must defeat Gazluk Clutchmaster to remove it.

Guardian Crystal Crystallized Organs

Too much magic crystal has made its way into your body.
-10% Health and Armor, Nature Attacks Deal +10% damage.

Healing-Suit Tester Stolen Healing Potential
Some of your innate recovery potential is gone.
Major Healing abilities used on you restore -25% health.
This is a permanent curse; you must defeat Healing-Suit Tester to remove it.
Khyrulek's True Form Darkened Heart

An evil magic has infested your heart. It still beats, but is prone to failing under stress. You occasionally lose half your health while in combat.

Lord Sedgewick Darkness Imbued

Magical darkness clings to you wherever you go.
+10% Evasion; Enemies gain +20% Evasion against you.

Maronesa Cow Form

You are a cow.

Turns you into a cow. Can be cured by a "Cure Bovinity" Word of Power (ask around, they are pretty cheap to make).
Nameless Guardian Nameless

You can no longer speak your name aloud in chat.

Try saying your own name, and some interesting phrases will come out instead.
Rhino Guardian Gored Pockets

A rhino has gored a giant hole in your storage devices! -10 Inventory.

Scion of Discord Rotten Attitude

When in groups, you've become petulant, arrogant, short-tempered, and prone to saying things you later regret.

You'll randomly say mean things in group chat. Meanie.
Sherzat Not So Smart Anymore

It takes a long time for you to gather your thoughts now, and your temper is getting worse.
-50% Out of Combat Power Regeneration, +5 Direct Damage

Stolen War Golem Toasted Flesh
Your nerves have been damaged and are extra susceptible to heat.
+25% Damage from Fire
This is a permanent curse; you must defeat Stolen War Golem to remove it.
The Big Slime Slimed Legs

Your legs are coated in warm, sticky, self-replicating slime!
Movement Speed -4, Cold Mitigation +3

The Fog Fouled Lungs

Your Lungs have been permanently damaged.
Abilities cost +4 Power to use. +2 Nature Mitigation.

Tidal Personal Rainstorm

You're all soggy!
Your fire attacks deal -50% damage.
You take +5 Nature, +5 Cold, and -5 Fire damage from enemy attacks.

Timothy Elerimon Conduction Aphasia

You seem to have developed a speech disorder.

You talk funnily. Like Yoda you have become.
Tremor Permanent Spore Damage

You've forgotton how to make basic attacks! Oh's permanent?!

Your basic attack is disabled.
Ursula Haunted

Hmm, you seem to have a guest in your head.

Weak copies of Ursula will sometimes spawn around you.

Ursula's curse, Haunted is something of an oddity, as on one hand it summons, or rather spawns the same clones you fought in the initial boss fight once every so often to hamper you during gameplay at any given location from the very recesses of your mind that she resides within, but on the other hand, she may appear as a vendor, or even temporary pet to assist you if you possess access to the skill of Necromancy or it's use in your skill bar (Not sure which) which may be complimentary to builds such as Spider/Necromancy or Necromancy/Battle Chemistry, or Necromancy/Animal Handling.

  • Additionally, this curse can also spawn an Ice Magic variant of Ursula who proclaims "Let's play freeze! (playername)!" It is unknown if using the same attack she opens with on her will do anything if allegedly used.
  • Both of Ursula's hostile clones are lootable and can be used to get the occasional useful drop, such as an Ancient Bronze Coin or can be used as a quick way of setting up a Shambling Corpse/Super Zombie if in need of fresh corpses to do the summons.

It should also be noted that it is possible to stable Ursula in her pet spawn, but not remove her from the stable as a part of a glitch. Feel free to do so as a trophy of your success of getting her to spawn as a pet, for this and her vendor state are fairly rare.

Zukelmux The Intransigent Woozy

Your head is ringing! Any little hit can disorient you.
50% chance to be briefly stunned whenever you are hit by a melee attack
This is a permanent curse: you must defeat Zukelmux The Intransigent to remove it.