Lord Sedgewick

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Lord Sedgewick
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Very Ineffective:
Poison, Trauma
Lord Sedgewick is the final encounter you'll face in the Dark Chapel. He may be found at the chapel itself, at the end of the corridors, in a room alongside several Droach and a Death Ray device, which will kill any target it acquires in a single blow... although it takes a long time to be reloaded. The battle will take place in a dark area (+30% evasion), which will either save you, or make the fight significantly more complicated.


Dark Chapel
Vitals: Health 23252 Armor 3274 Rage 2048
Location: Chapel room.

Combat Abilities

Projectile Evasion

icon_2121.png Slashing Damage
icon_3070.png Electricity Damage +Power Loss
Rage-icon.png icon_2121.png Burst Slashing Stun Curse
  • While not listed as an ability, Sedgewick will summon the ghost of Katarina Eltibule at some point during the fight. She will join the battle against you and your team. She behaves much like any other incorporeal ghost, needing to be stunned before she takes any significant damage.


Skin: None
Meat: None
Skull: None

Reported Loot

First Kill Loot
Unique Item:
First Kill Loot: 4 miscellaneous items.
Repeat Kill Loot: No more than 1 piece of equipment.
Quest Items

General Loot

Level 45-50 Equipment


- Magical darkness clings to you wherever you go. +10% Evasion; Enemies gain +20% Evasion against you. This is a permanent curse; you must defeat Lord Sedgewick to remove it"


Intuition Warning: Danger Ahead! Text

"I should have known a first-generation Rakshasa couldn't be trusted."

"I lit this place as best I could, but I'm still covered in darkness."

"Come on, Gulagra, I'm ready for you..."

"Hmm, maybe I should torture the Eltibule brat some more."

"At least I'm not powerless. Bored, trapped, but..."

" If those morons don't stop gibbering about Gulagra soon, I'll..."