Dark Chapel

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Dark Chapel
File:Dark Chapel (map).png
Map of Dark Chapel (click for larger size)
Connects to
Area Level
40 - 50
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Map by BetaNotus (1/20)

A series of tunnels run beneath Eltibule, populated by necromancers and members of a mysterious cult. They lead to The Dark Chapel, named by its cultist dwellers as a sanctuary dedicated to their deity, Gulagra. Any explorers who decide to delve into this dark, unholy place will find themselves first facing a complicated riddle involving ancient statues found across the land, that seem to react depending on the phases of the moon. So, be sure you keep your mind about as sharp as your blade!

  • NOTE: This dungeon is the first to introduce a darkness mechanic. As you get in deeper inside, you'll eventually face a debuff that will give both you and your enemies a chance to evade coming attacks, that will grow higher the deeper you go. No way to bring in any light sources to remove said effect exists as of now.

Points of Interest

Cultist Corridors

Located near the surface of the cave system, Cultists dedicated to Gulagra make their home. Among the insane, Crazy Terry is quite possibly the strangest.

Ram's Head Switch

Found beyond the large droach Old Crusty, a room with nine Ram Head levers and a switch guards a secret.

Books and documents

A series of books and scriptures may be found along the dungeon. They surely contain information any scholar or knowledge-hungry adventurer will appreciate.

Anchor room

A ghost is being kept chained somewhere in the chapel, being used by the forces of evil to power up and aid in their purposes. Maybe any delver would find some helpful tools and advice if they find where this spirit is being kept hostage.

The Chapel

At the very bottom of the tunnel system, a very ornate room shows where the actual place of worship is. Any adventurers coming this far should ready themselves for a tough battle.

Dark Chapel Inhabitants


  • The ghost of Katarina Eltibule, a tormented spirit being kept captive as a summoner's anchor.





North East Chest Past the Ram Puzzle

x 1 - 3

Spiderlord Chest

Mother Snail Chest

Scion of Discord Chest


Found in barrels

Found in Adventurer's Packs

Found scattered throughout the dungeon