Thentree Harness

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Thentree Harness
Endurance 20
The isolated elf colony of Sedgewick Forest prefers armor of this type because it reminds them of their home in Verta. It's been explained to them that nobody in Verta dresses this way anymore, but they don't seem to care. A symbol of Arisetsu is painted onto the front.
icon_101.png Max Armor

icon_107.png Nature Damage (Direct & Per-Tick) %

icon_108.png Archery Base Damage %

icon_105.png Armor from Combat Refresh Abilities

icon_105.png Power from Combat Refresh Abilities
Value: 168

Craft Points:
Equip Slot:
Stack Size:

How to Obtain

Producing with Recipes


Obtaining through Bartering



Monster Location
Ghoul Necromancer's Courtyard
Ghoul Sun Vale
Insane Werewolf Kur Mountains
Preserved Corpse Brain Bug Cave
Preserved Corpse Kur Tower
Kur Tower


Quest Rewards


Other Ways to Obtain


Using in Recipes

Lvl Name Ingredients Results
5 Dye Metal Armor (1 color) icon_5551.png Lac x1
Metal Dyeable Armor x1
Dye x1
20 Reinforce Metal Shirt icon_5299.png Good Metal Slab x2
Metal Shirt x1
Adds +5 Armor.
Consumes 20 Enhancement Points.
25 Dye Metal Armor (2 colors) icon_5551.png Lac x2
Metal Dyeable Armor x1
Dye x1
Dye x1
40 Add Pockets To Metal Shirt icon_5301.png Masterwork Metal Slab x1
icon_5576.png Amazing Metal Slab x1
icon_5580.png Gold Ore x2
Metal Shirt x1
Adds +1 Pockets.
Consumes 12 Enhancement Points.
50 Dye Metal Armor (3 colors) icon_5551.png Lac x3
Metal Dyeable Armor x1
Dye x1
Dye x1
Dye x1

Also can be used in any recipes which call for:


NPC Location Preferences
Gloria Stonecurl The Outpost in Northwestern Kur Loves (Holy Symbols)
Silvia The Druid Camp in Sun Vale Loves (Chest Armor and Loot)
Ferand Deftwhisper Old Town in Povus Likes (Metal Shirts and Loot)
Felmer The Fel-Dasculan Ruins in the Fae Realm Likes (Elvish-Style Items and Loot)
Tadion Serbule Keep in Serbule Likes (Pieces of Metal Armor and Loot)
The Wombat The Druid Camp in Sun Vale Hates (Pieces of Metal Armor)

Bartering Uses



Direct Consumption

Ability Consumption


Quest Fulfillment

Quest Number Required Quest Cooldown
(if repeatable)
NPC Minimum Favor Location Notes
Holistic Wellness: Hold Gear 40 (Have any Pieces of Equipment) 12 Hours Unknown Despised Rahu

Other Uses