Kur Mountains

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Kur Mountains
Map of Kur Mountains (click for larger size)
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A windy path leads to the freezing Kur Mountains, and than on to Gazluk.

Kur Moutains is a massive, bitter cold mountainous region.

An interesting mechanic in this zone, is that the player character takes damage over time due to the freezing temperatures (the effect appear as Coldbite). Look for health regeneration through consumables and skills in order to survive the harsh environment. Failure to do so could lead to death by exposure to freezing temperatures.

In addition to the Coldbite effect, the character can also catch Hypothermia and Frostbite. Hypothermia significantly reduces health regeneration and movement speed (-20% and -50%), while Frostbite reduces damage dealt by 20%. Both effects can be healed by lighting a Smoldering Fire or taking cover in the northwestern outpost.

Apparently, The Council has imposed a road maintenance tax on Kur's citizens, though oddly enough there is no road to be found in this region.

Points of Interest


Several smoldering fires can be found throughout the zone. If you light it with 1 piece of wood (Oak and Maple works), it will burn for 10 minutes and heal Hypothermia and Frostbite. Staying near the fire will also prevent the Biting Cold effect.

Abandoned Barn

A barn which houses another Smoldering Fire. Syndra is living inside. A Teleportation Circle is nearby.

Northwestern Outpost

A very tiny community lives there: Ukorga, Laura Neth, Landri the Cold, Gurki, Nightshade, and Janet Lews.

Orc Camps

There is a small orc camp to the west, and a large one to the north. There is a Smoldering Fire that can be lit in the west camp.


Kur Tower


Necromancer's Courtyard


Wolf Cave


Yeti Cave



  • Northwest outpost
  • Northern shore (east of Wolf Cave)
  • Slightly southwest of Wolf Cave (northeast of the Outpost), on top of the cliff.
  • North of the spawn point (Eltibule Portal), near an empty barn with a fireplace.
  • Next to Ratuk the Thinker in the glaciers to the west.

Neighbor Map(s)




Special Foes

Known to Have Storage


  • Blood Mushrooms (30)
  • Block of Ice (45)
  • Iridium Deposit (40)
  • Silver Ore (35) Hint
  • Tundra Lichen (37)
  • Wild Winterhue (50)


In late 2014, a rumor arose suggesting that the Statehelm Mint was a building hidden somewhere in the eastern mountains of Kur. Instructions to find the mythical building suggested following the northern beach shore as far east as you could go, and climbing from there.