Kur Mountains

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Kur Mountains
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A windy path leads to the freezing Kur Mountains, and then on to Gazluk.

The Kur Mountains are part of a mountainous region found north of Eltibule. Always cold and snow-covered, these rolling hills and rocky peaks form the gateway to the higher elevations of the Gazluk plateau. Although formally a Council controlled land, Orcs have repeatedly claimed the mountains as their own. Their claims are refuted by residents of the few non-orc settlements, and likely by the native Himamanav.

The Northwestern Outpost, a collection of small buildings surrounding an Inn owned by the Rakshasa merchant Ukorga, provides travelers a warm respite from the cold. Despite the absence of any roads, The Council imposes a road maintenance tax on the citizens of this village.

Neighboring Regions

A mountainous but warmer land found through the mountains to the southeast.
A desert region to the east, this region is battered by sandstorms and plagued with decades of drought.
A snowcapped plateau high in the mountains, this region has harsher conditions than Kur Mountains.

Environmental Effects

Cold Mechanics

While inside the region, the player character gradually loses Body Heat over time. Losing all of one's Body Heat causes Frostbite and eventually Hypothermia. Frostbite reduces direct damage dealt by 20%. If frostbitten for too long, Hypothermia sets in, which deals Health damage continuously, disables health and power regeneration, and reduces movement speed by 50%. Both effects can be healed by taking refuge in a warm area (for example near a lit Smouldering Fire in Kur, or near a Glowy Yellow Crystal outcropping in Gazluk). Left untreated, hypothermia will eventually kill you.

Body Heat depletes much more rapidly while underwater.

The rate at which one loses Body Heat is affected by Indirect Cold Mitigation, which can be improved through gear and abilities

Similar to the smoldering campfires scatted throughout Kur, an Emergency Warmth Fire or Basic Campfire can restore body heat. Ukorga can teach humanoid form players how to craft these fires through Carpentry, while Spot teaches beast form players the same through Foraging. Emergency Fires can also be purchased from several vendors, including Hogan, Ukorga, Red, and Rick Snapley.

Varying amounts of Body Heat can also be restored through several Fire Magic, First Aid, Mentalism, Animal Handling (Polar Bear and similar bears' Cheap Trick), Priest and Warden abilities or by using a Simple Blanket. Finally, Cold Resistance and Orcish Thickskin Potions can boost your total Body Heat capacity, allowing you more time away from heat sources.

Many pieces of armor can also provide Indirect Cold Mitigation or increased Maximum Body Heat. A common source is Winter gear, crafted through Leatherworking or obtained via barter with Ukorga.

Points of Interest


Several smoldering fires can be found throughout the zone. If they are lit by sacrificing a single piece of wood (any type of wood works), they will provide light and warmth for some time. (e.g. 45 minutes for a piece of Oak). Keeping warm in the Kur Mountains is important, as the cold can inflict Frostbite and Hypothermia.

Abandoned Barn

A refurbished barn on the edge of Himamanav territory currently used by the merchant-crafter Syndra as a home. A Teleportation Circle is nearby.

Northwestern Outpost

Three buildings home to an assortment of residents who each have their own reasons for living in the wilderness of the Kur Mountains. Some seek solitude, others revel in solace, and some just needed a place far from The Council to hide. This cluster of buildings is sometimes called Ukorga's Inn by travelers.

Orc Camps

Two active orc camps remain in the Kur Mountains. A small camp can be found in the southwest between two hills, while a larger settlement claims the northeastern hills as territory. Fires within the camps can provide warmth, however their inhabitants are not fond out outsiders.

Shrine of Ri-Shin

Found west of the Eltibule portal in the Kur Mountains, the Shrine of Ri-Shin is an anchor of the god of plants and trees. Maintained primarily by Snowleaf and the Druids of Alharth, the shrine offers rewards to those who seek the bounty of Ri-Shin.

  • During the Winter Holiday, Druids and adventurers who can demonstrate their dedication to Ri-Shin may participate in a series of community-wide tasks. Completing each task during the holiday strengthens a buffing blessing receivable throughout the rest of the year.
  • The completion of certain tasks during the event also unlocks a storage chest at the Shrine, which holds a maximum of 32 items in a year where all tasks are completed. All players receive access to this chest, even if they did not participate in the event.
  • The blessing of Ri-Shin can be received by travelers standing in the shrine that speak words of praise in Nearby chat, Praise Ri-Shin, guardian of the shrine!

Teleportation Circles

There are 5 Council constructed Teleportation Circles in the Kur Mountains region.

  • Outside Ukorga's Northwestern Outpost and Inn.
  • Northeast of Ukorga's Inn, directly south of the Wolf Cave.
  • Northeast of Wolf Cave and along the coast past Lamashu's campsite.
  • Outside Syndra's barn. Almost directly north from the Eltibule portal.
  • At Ratuk the Thinker's campsite on the glaciers in the northwest.

Meditation Pillars

There are 6 Meditation Pillars in the Kur Mountains region. The provided Meditation Combos are:

  • Laggard Strike - At a campfire west of the Ilmari portal.
  • Bruising Strike - Northwest of Ukorga's Inn.
  • Toss and Barrage - West of the Gazluk portal.
  • Stunning Bruises - Southwest of Ukorga's Inn.
  • Cobra of Life - In the crevasse slightly north of the Yeti Cave entrance.


Kur Tower

Kur Tower is the name given to an underground complex of ruins accessed by a mostly collapsed tower in the southern half of the region.

Necromancer's Courtyard

Deep in the depths of Kur Tower, unusual creatures populate an unnatural graveyard.

Wolf Cave

A cave in northern Kur filled with wolves.

Yeti Cave

Found in a crevasse, this is the home of the native Himamanav.

Kur Mountains Inhabitants

Friendly NPCs

Sacred Grotto NPCs

Event NPCs

      Friendly NPCs in Kur Mountains Dungeons


      Special Foes

      Known to Have Storage

      (Council Storage Machine next to Kur Item Catalog)



      Ice Fishing is a common activity in colder climates like the Kur Mountains. There are five Ice Fishing areas in Kur.





      Minerals & Metal


      • Possibilities from a Snow-Covered Rock



      • Kur Mountains was completely redesigned as part of the October 10, 2022 game update.
      • In late 2014, a rumor arose suggesting that the Statehelm Mint was a building hidden somewhere in the eastern mountains of Kur. Instructions to find the mythical building suggested following the northern beach shore as far east as you could go, and climbing from there.