Completely Normal Fox

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Completely Normal Fox
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Fire, Cold, Psychic, Nature,
Crushing, Slashing, Piercing,
Poison, Trauma
Completely Normal Fox is a name shared by an NPC in the Wolf Cave, and the combative spirit projections it summons. The projections attack in swarms.


Wolf Cave
Vitals: Health 383 Armor 405 Rage 647
Location: Deepest level, towards rear exit portal.

Combat Abilities

Need AIP for Darkness Damage and Heavy Darkness Damage


Skin: None
Meat: None
Skull: None

Reported Loot

General Loot

Level 40 Equipment


After reaching Spirit Fox Level 12 and returning to the Wolf Cave, the Completely Normal Fox will begin offering training of new abilities. 24 hours of real time must pass between when when a character becomes a Spirit Fox and the training offers become available.

Spirit Fox
Unlock Skill Level Cost
icon_3804.png Trick Fox  12     x1, 0 councils 
icon_3804.png Trick Fox 2  26     x1, 0 councils 
icon_3804.png Trick Fox 3  42     x2, 0 councils 
icon_3804.png Trick Fox 4  56     x2, 0 councils 
icon_3804.png Trick Fox 5  72     x3, 0 councils 


Karnag, if you ask me about a cure ONE MORE TIME, I... oh. You aren't Karnag.

Hello... who are you?

I'm just a fox spirit that got trapped here. I'm afraid you couldn't possibly help me, but I can help you! I've opened a portal that will get you out of this cave.

Are you sure I can't help you?

Well... I'm mostly sure. You see, I'm a mystic by trade. I was doing some reconnaissance of the werewolf den... but somehow they knew I was coming. They trapped me in a fiendish series of glyphs. I'm quite stuck! There's only one possible way out...

Which is?
If you brought me a
, I could escape this prison. But those are rarer than diamonds, more precious than gold. Even if you had a Spirit Stone, I could never afford to buy it from you, and no mere fox's life is worth such a precious item.

So... I'm trapped here. Between worlds. Forever.

Actually, I happen to have a Spirit Stone...

You do?! And you'd be willing to sacrifice your Spirit Stone just to save me?


I... don't know what to say! You're making an old fox feel so special... are you sure?

If you respond with "Here it is (Give Spirit Stone)."

You unlock the Spirit Fox skill, and the Completely Normal Fox vanishes from the cave.

Completely Normal Fox

Returning to the location of the Completely Normal Fox after reaching Spirit Fox Level 12 will reveal that the fox has returned, triggering a new conversation.

Oh. Hello! Did you come here to help? I'm afraid I'm quite stuck...

You! You turned me into a fox!

What? That's nonsensical. I'm so old that if I took a spirit stone, I'd cease to exist. I've thought about that, but I'm nowhere near suicidal. There must be a way out of this trap...

I'm telling you, I gave you a spirit stone and you disappeared!

Hmm... If you were telling the truth, that would mean... you must be me! From an alternate timeline!

What? No, I'm not you.

This is bad! You've come from my past to save me? But how?

I'm not here to save you. You tricked me into becoming a fox!

Well, just in case this is a time paradox, let me teach you what I've learned while stuck in this cave. That way I won't forget it when you change my past.

That's not even how time paradoxes work!

Completely Normal Fox