Lapis Lazuli

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Lapis Lazuli

A soft blue rock. It's useful in curatives and curse removal potions.

Associated Primary Skill: Priest

Associated Secondary Skill: Alchemy

Value: 100

Lapis Lazuli may be gifted to Yetta or Bellema Deftwhisper for favor. Contrary to the description, no Alchemy recipes currently require this gem.

How to Obtain

  • Obtained as a reward from completing Blue Mineral Surveys (see Surveying).
  • Occasionally found on the Buy Used tab at various merchants such as Larsan.
  • Purchase from other players, either in the Trade channel, or at player merchants.


Dye Making Recipes

Lvl Name Preview XP Bonus XP Ingredients Results Description
16 Blue Dye 0 500 Lapis Lazuli x1
Bottle of Water x1
Dye Pot x1
Gem Crusher x1 (!)
Blue Dye x1
Empty Bottle x1
Dye used to color armor blue. You only receive XP the first time you complete this recipe.