Glowy Yellow Crystal

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Glowy Yellow Crystal

A large pretty piece of pulsing crystal. It's pleasantly warm to the touch.

Value: 100

Glowy Yellow Crystals are a hazardous rock often found on the Gazluk Plateau. Known to the Dwarves as Vol's Kiss, these crystals can inflict health-sapping statuses upon the uninformed. Protection against the effects of the crystals can be purchased from Aven.

Fluffikins the fox likes to Barter with these crystals, which he refers to as Ensorcelled Hassium.

They kill you. Slowly, sometimes, or quickly. Depends on the person. But they're full of magic! A magic that's hard to find elsewhere. With proper prep, they can make amazing armors and weapons. I'm not a crafter myself, so I don't know any details. But I do know that lead-lined storage boxes can protect you from the sickness. Really, any storage is better than keeping them in your pocket!

Mox Warcut

How to Obtain

Found across the Gazluk Plateau in small clumps.
Requires level 45 Mining.

Crystals in Gazluk.