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She is fussing over papers covered in weird runes.
Inside the base of the giant tree.
Beast Speak:
Skill Trainer:
Sigil Scripting

I kind of like the manual labor part of writing books. I've never done this before, I've always just dictated. It's kind of fun!

Preta is a Summer Court fairy living at the base of the giant tree in Sun Vale. She specializes in sigils and runes. When she lived in the fae realm, Preta ran a library that cataloged the Words of Power of her realm. She is afraid of the torture cells her kin resurrect in when killed.


Sun Vale
Inside the base of the giant tree.

Items Purchased [1]

  • Recipes
  • Scrolls
  • Books

Spending Limits [2]

Favor Level Cap Per Item Weekly Pool
Neutral 5,000
Comfortable 5,000
Close Friends 15,000
Best Friends 500 25,000
Like Family 700 35,000
Soul Mates

Small Talk [3]

  • Likes Odd Scrolls Hint
  • Likes Gems and Crystals Hint
  • Dislikes Fae Felt


Ink Basic Ink 15 gold
Ink Advanced Ink 37 gold
Ink Expert Ink
Req. Close Friends
75 gold
Icecore Inkstone 375 gold
Dyepot Dye Pot 30 gold
Ink Ink Remover
Req. Best Friends
37 gold
Book Blank Book 150 gold
Parchment Simple Parchment 7 gold
Parchment Basic Parchment 15 gold
Parchment Good Parchment
Req. Friends
60 gold
Parchment Expert's Parchment
Req. Close Friends
105 gold
Parchment Master Parchment
Req. Best Friends
150 gold


  • Preta Wants a Gem Crusher : Obtain Gem Crusher.

Reward: 50 Favor, 3 Garnets

Spoiler text.
  • Powdered Mammal : Obtain 5 Powdered Mammal. Hint


Sigil Scripting Abilities - at Best Friends
Explosion Sigil 4
Sigil Scripting Recipes - at Best Friends
Recipe: Cow Inscription (Req. 25)
Recipe: Deer Inscription (Req. 25)
Recipe: Pig Inscription (Req. 25)
Recipe: Spider Inscription (Req. 25)
Recipe: First Aid Inscription (Req. 25)
Recipe: Armor Patching Inscription (Req. 25)



A mark-up fee of 10% will be added, along with a non-refundable stocking fee of 100 councils.
She will install level 0-50 Augments for 350 Councils. You must be Close Friends or better.