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Words of Power can be fun!

Words of Power are randomly-generated sequences of phonemes. (For example, ‘Twimjot’, ‘Fledbydpal’, or ‘Chruggomdye’. The’re gibberish, but not completely random letters, so you can kind of figure out how they would be pronounced.)[1] There are five levels of Words of Power at this time. Each harboring different effects, or varying degrees of power for some effects.

To use a Word of Power, just type it into the chat window (preferably nearby chat /n ). When spoken aloud, the word’s power is triggered and the word is used up, replaced with a new word. Words of Power only ever work once.

Power words must be MANUALLY recorded to either the notepad in the quest log or some outside document or is LOST FOREVER! (suggest to write it down in the Quest window notepad, that way you can quickly cut and paste it to chat when you are ready to use it).

By design (from Forum post of the Dev's) the discovered words are NOT locked per person. A word discovered by one player can be discovered shortly after by another player. When either of the players use the word, that word will be reset and will not be useable by another player. (It will be lost to the other player).


Level 0 Words of Power can be very useful to new players. It often produces Teleports which will save time travelling (and even after learning Teleportation it may be a cheaper alternative to using up your Amethysts). Unlike Level 2, which produces lots of questionable effects like Leprosy or Fear of Water ... Level 0 tend to produce mostly useful effects. They are pretty cheap to produce and the Crab Meat can be processed from Raw Crab without a Cooking Stove nearby (ie. when you fish crab).


TODO : add Marna, Flia, Elahil's stuff to the table.

Recipe Lvl Ingredients Description
Word of Power 0 Salt x1 Crabmeat x1 Bottle of Water x1 Learned automatically through the Lore skill.
Word of Power Scroll 0 Flour x1 Potatoseedling x1 Bottle of Milk x1 Attempt to research and discover a two-syllable Word of Power, and write it into a sealed scroll for safe keeping.
Word of Power 2 3 Cateyeball x1 Bluebell x1 Strangedirt x1 Discoverable on random loot scrolls. [2]
Word of Power 3 5 Evilgrass x1 Sulfur x1 Basic Holistic Ink x1
Word of Power 4 7 Fishscales x1 Milkcapsusp x1 Advanced Holistic Ink x1
Word of Power 5 9 Nightmareflesh x1 Memoryinhibitor x1 Expert Holistic Ink x1


Word of Power (Level 0)


Word of Power 2 (Level 3)


Word of Power 3 (Level 5)


Word of Power 4 (Level 7)


Word of Power 5 (Level 9)



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