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Fairies were added in March 2020. Fairies are the first 'advanced' race added to Project Gorgon. They come with a variety of advantages and disadvantages, and a player may only create a fairy after completing the quest Free Tortured Fairies given by Fazzi in the Winter Nexus. Doing so unlocks the option account-wide.

Fairies aren't just from another planet -- they're from another realm of existence with its own rules of time and physics. They are true immortals, and most are so many centuries old that they can't recall their youth at all.

Everyone knows that there are four types of fairies, one for each season. The Winter and Spring fae are dangerous and scary. The Summer and Fall fairies are more reasonable. (All player fairies are assumed to be Summer fae.)

In-game effects:

  • Fairies may learn Fairy Magic, a subskill of Mentalism, and their own Fae (Race Skill), which allows them to break items down into and , then reconstitute those ingredients into a variety of useful items.
  • Having wings, all Fairies may fly.
  • Fairies are less physically strong than most other races, and have 16 fewer inventory slots as a result. They are also slightly more susceptible to knockbacks than other races.
  • Also due to their relative lack of physical strength, fairies suffer a penalty of 10% to direct damage when wearing 3 or more pieces of most metal armor.
  • Upon death, Fairies respawn in the Fae Realm, unless they use a or are resuscitated by other means (any of the standard methods). They cannot Enter the Light.
  • Fairies start with level 30 Ice Magic, Mentalism, Fairy Magic, Knife Fighting, and Animal Handling.
  • Fairies begin with two pets, a bee and wasp, both Bond Level 100 (this means their pets will automatically level up to the Fairie's animal handling level as it grows).
  • Fairies learn a different variant of the Knife Fighting skill Slice, called Slicing Ice, which uses thrown ice, operating at range instead of in melee. Crystal ice may also be used in place of metal throwing knives in abilities like Hamstring Throw and Fan of Blades.

Metal Armor Penalties

Fairies suffer a penalty to direct damage of 10% for wearing a suit (3 pieces) of metal armor. This penalty increases to 15% at 4 pieces, and to 20% at 5 pieces worn.


Not all metal armor is subject to this penalty. The following items are armor that is flagged so that Fairies can wear it without penalty:

Note that
are flagged as wearable by fairies without penalty, but are (oddly) leather armor, not metal. All other items flagged this way are metal armor, as one might expect.

Beehive Quests - Help the Hive

Help the Hive is the name given to a series of reoccurring Quests offered by the Beehives in the Fae Realm. These quests are reserved for Fairy characters, who must first seek an introduction to Beehive A through the completion of Crelpin's quest, Meet the Hive. The Pollinate quest for Beehive A must also be completed before Help the Hive can be accepted.

Each Help the Hive quest can be completed every five days, with each rewarding 200 XP Fae (Race Skill) and a random reward.

Help the Hive Quests

Beehive Quest Objective
Beehive A Kill 10 Nibbling Sprouts.
Beehive B Kill 10 Spriggan Weeds.
Beehive C Kill 10 Fae Bears.
Beehive D Pollinate 6 flowers in the Fae Realm.
(To distinguish from Hive F's quest, one is to the Southwest of the hive).
Beehive E Kill 10 Frost Hippogriffs.
Beehive F Pollinate 6 flowers in the Fae Realm.
(To distinguish from Hive D's quest, one is to the South of the hive).
Beehive G Obtain 5x from Winter Court Scouts.
Beehive H Kill 10 True Barghests.
Beehive I Pollinate 2 flowers in the Fae Realm.
Beehive J Kill 10 Basilisk Controllers.
Beehive K Kill 10 Deinonychus.
Beehive L Kill 10 Fire Elementals.

Help the Hive Beehive Map


Help the Hive Rewards

Fairy Quests

Many NPCs offer quests only accessible to fairies. Newly awakened fairies should consider attempting to complete most of these quests, as doing so will unlock new abilities, skills, and provide XP in Fae (Race Skill).

Fairy Quests that unlock and level skills.
Pegast's Armor Patching - Armor Patching raised to Level 10.
Felmer's First Aid - First Aid raised to Level 10.
Analyzing Chitin - Pathology raised to Level 15.
Analyzing Antler - Pathology raised to Level 30.
Crab Soup - Fishing raised to Level 25.
Cleanse Sun Vale - Skinning raised to Level 15.
More Cleansing - Skinning raised to Level 30.
Rabid Deer - Butchering raised to Level 15.
Sick Spiders - Butchering raised to Level 30.
Shell Fragments - Foraging raised to Level 20.
The Beauty in Seeds - Nature Appreciation raised to Level 15.
The Beauty in Predation - Nature Appreciation raised to Level 30.