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Twelve hives around the realm.
Lots of Bees
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Only if Fairy
Bzz. ZzzZzzZzzBz ... zzzBzt!

Beehive D

Beehives are sentient, often misunderstood swarms of bees that share an affinity with fae races. If a non-fairy approaches a Beehive, they will be greeted pointedly with hostility. If a friendly Fairy approaches, they will react sweetly and may ask for help completing a task.


Fae Realm
Beehives are found across the Fae Realm.


Beehives do not use the [Favor Level] system.


Help the Hive is the name given to a series of reoccurring Quests offered by the Beehives in the Fae Realm. These quests are reserved for Fairy characters, who must first seek an introduction to Beehive A through the completion of Crelpin's quest, Meet the Hive. The Pollinate quest for Beehive A must also be completed before Help the Hive can be accepted.

Each Help the Hive quest can be completed every five days, with each rewarding 200 XP Fae (Race Skill) and a random reward.

Help the Hive Quests

Beehive Quest Objective
Beehive A Kill 10 Nibbling Sprouts.
Beehive B Kill 10 Spriggan Weeds.
Beehive C Kill 10 Fae Bears.
Beehive D Pollinate 6 flowers in the Fae Realm.
(To distinguish from Hive F's quest, one is to the Southwest of the hive).
Beehive E Kill 10 Frost Hippogriffs.
Beehive F Pollinate 6 flowers in the Fae Realm.
(To distinguish from Hive D's quest, one is to the South of the hive).
Beehive G Obtain 5x from Winter Court Scouts.
Beehive H Kill 10 True Barghests.
Beehive I Pollinate 2 flowers in the Fae Realm.
Beehive J Kill 10 Basilisk Controllers.
Beehive K Kill 10 Deinonychus.
Beehive L Kill 10 Fire Elementals.

Help the Hive Beehive Map


Help the Hive Rewards