Nibbling Sprout

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Nibbling Sprout
File:Nibbling Sprout.png
Slashing, Piercing, Fire, Cold
Very Ineffective:
Poison, Trauma
Psychic, Nature
Nibbling Sprouts are Fae Realm native plants with a penchant for attacking anyone who enters their growing area. Frequently hiding underground, these plants are known for their surprising poison and slow attacks. It is likely that the Biting Vines encountered in Sun Vale are closely related.


Fae Realm
Vitals: Health 275 Armor 167 Rage 406
Location: Found west of Fel-Dasculan Ruins.

Combat Abilities

icon_3479.png Crushing Damage
icon_3481.png Ranged Poison Damage
icon_3481.png Ranged Poison Damage and Slow
Rage-icon.png icon_3480.png Burst Poison Damage

Reported Loot