Biting Vine

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Biting Vine
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Slashing, Piercing, Cold, Sonic
Very Ineffective:
Poison, Trauma
Psychic, Nature
Biting Vines may grow anywhere over the soil of the Sun Vale. These carnivorous plants may inject a strong poison that will slow and weaken its victims, slowly killing them or leaving them defenseless so the other monsters and beasts of the Vale may finish them off.


Serbule Hills Spider Cave
Vitals: Health 91 Armor 59 Rage 144
Location: Scattered throughout the tunnels and rooms, be wary of their spitting attacks.
Sun Vale
Vitals: Health 275 Armor 167 Rage 406
Location: Generally found on the southern half of the map.

Combat Abilities

icon_3479.png Crushing Damage
icon_3481.png Ranged Poison Damage
icon_3481.png Ranged Poison Damage and Slow
Rage-icon.png icon_3480.png Burst Poison Damage

Reported Loot

Serbule Hills Spider Cave Loot

Sun Vale Loot