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The art of picking things up. Except mushrooms, those are special for some reason. Experts at Foraging are also experts at tracking down stationary items and locations (such as many Quest Objectives).

Foraging is a skill that increases as you pick up fruits, flowers, and other wild plants. It also governs the level of wood logs that can be harvested.

The skill eventually unlocks Seek Objective (level 5) and Objective Orienteering (level 15); both of which help with locating quest objectives (think "tracking" in other MMOs).

Leveling up 51-60 Foraging requires speaking to Jesina in Eltibule. The cost starts high but lowers with higher favor.

Related Skills

Carpentry (The wood collected through foraging is a base component for carpentry recipes)
Cooking (The fruit collected through foraging is a component for certain cooking recipes)
Gardening and Dye Making (The flower seeds collected through foraging are a base component to make flowers, and thus dyes)

Leveling Guide

Put on your adventurer's cap and explore! Been there, done that? Then click the Spoiler button!

Level 1
Apple in starting dungeon and in cart on way to town.
Level 1-10
Northwest of Sebule : Oak Wood. (Be sure to get a Handsaw.)
Level 10-14
Northwest area of Serbule : Grapes, Oak Wood, Wild Bluebells. You can level here easily until you are around level 25-30.
Level 15-19
Around Eltibule Keep : look for Cotton, Wild Bluebells, Wild Red Asters (you may want to use one of the targetting keyboard shortcuts as the cottons are not easy to see).
Level 20-30
Near the garden area in Eltibule keep, Maple Wood and Wild Cotton giving great exp.
Level 30-40
Near Hogan´s Keep are spawning many Oranges, Guavas, and Violets
Level 40+
In Sun Vale there's a huge amount of easily harvestable fruits and seeds.
Level 50+
Desert Roses, and Peppers can be harvested in the Ilmari Desert.

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Name Level XP Misc.Notes (recipes etc)
Wild Apple 0 20 Northwest area of Serbule on the hills. icon_5137.png
Wild Bluebell 0 50 Northwest area of Serbule on the hills. Also found in northern Eltibule. icon_5045.png
Wild Grapes 10 70 Northwest area of Serbule on the hills. icon_5118.png
Wild Red Aster 15 90 Northwest area of Serbule. icon_5046.png
Wild Cotton 0 90 Eltibule, particularly on the west side. Yes it is currently level 0 to harvest. icon_5360.png
Wild Orange 20 110 On the slopes east of Hogan's Keep where Gnashers are(they look like flowers.) icon_5138.png
Wild Violet 25 130 On the slopes east of Hogan's Keep, also rarely in the far Northwest area. icon_5047.png
Wild Dahlia 30 150 Northwest (minimap) of Eltibule. icon_5465.png
Wild Guava 30 150 Found on the hills just north of Hogan's Keep, also found east of the keep. icon_5139.png
Wild Oregano 30 150 Found in northern Eltibule, also found as an Infrequent drop from high-level mobs. icon_5017.png
Wild Wolfsbane 30 150 Kur Mountains along the north coast. icon_5042.png
Guava Tree 30 160 Sun Vale, gives slightly more exp than the Wild Guava plant but forages the same item. icon_5139.png
Seaweed 35 Sun Vale (near Animal Town) and around the dock in Rahu. icon_5672.png
Wild Daisy 35 170 Sun Vale as well as the northwest area of Eltibule. icon_5463.png
Tundra Lichen 37 170 Kur Mountains along the north coast. icon_5355.png
Banana Tree 40 190 Sun Vale. icon_5390.png
Wild Pansy 40 190 Sun Vale. icon_5045.png
Wild Marigold 45 210 Sun Vale. icon_5459.png
Wild Poppy 50 230 Sun Vale. icon_5465.png
Wild Winterhue 50 230 Kur Mountains (Daytime.) icon_5464.png
Cinnamon Tree 50 230 Kur Mountains. icon_5406.png
Cactus 55 240 Ilmari. icon_5010.png
Wild Desert Rose 55  ? Ilmari (Nighttime.) icon_5462.png



A basic saw for cutting wood.

Value: 50

To gather wood buy one of these from Therese.
Name Foraging XP Misc.Notes (recipes etc)
Oak Wood 0 20 Northwest area of Serbule, on the hills. Good area to get to 15.
Maple Wood 20 110 Eltibule.
Cedar Wood 40 190 Eltibule and Kur Mountains.

Note: Gathering wood requires a Handsaw or Cutting Blade Necklace to be in your inventory

Foraging Level Up Rewards

Level Reward
5 Gain Ability: Seek Objective
15 Gain Ability: Objective Orienteering
25 +1 to Deer
30 +1 to Mycology
35 +1 to Pig
40 +1 to Surveying
45 +1 to Pig
50 +1 to Geology
55 +1 to Mycology
60 +1 to Endurance