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Anagoge Island
Map of Anagoge Island (click for larger size)
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Quest Given

Welcome! This is a game about exploration, and your first task is to find a way off this island. We'll give you 60 seconds of combat training and then set you off to explore on your own.

There's a backpack nearby with some useful stuff. Pick it up!

— Welcome Message

Anagoge Island is a remote storm-blown island off the coast of the Council Lands of Alharth. Few sailors are willing to tempt the treacherous waters, preferring to stick to the coast of the nearby Serbule region. In recent years, an increased number of mind-wiped adventurers have been showing up in Serbule and the surrounding duchies. Many of these individuals claim to have washed ashore on Anagoge with nothing but the clothes on their back. While mostly barren, Anagoge Island is rumored to have been the site of a Council Academy for those deemed Prodigies. Unlucky sailors report that ruins dot the coastline, and a lighthouse marks the center of the island. Marooned Adventurers who attempt to swim off the island will be met with deadly sharks and strong currents.

Anagoge Island is the starting area in Project:Gorgon for Humans, Elves, and Rakshasa. You will have the opportunity to learn a few basic skills before reaching the neighboring lands of Serbule and Serbule Hills. There are two methods to leave the island, although it is advised to find the island's inhabitants first.

Neighboring Regions

Returning to Anagoge Island

Travelers insistent on returning to Anagoge Island should speak with Jurl the Boatman at the Serbule dock. Ask him "Where else can you take me?"

Points of Interest

The Lighthouse

An old Elf named Elmetaph makes his home in the Lighthouse in the North-West hills of the island. Once a teacher, Elmetaph may be your best hope at escaping the island. He sure has a lot of books.

Elmetaph's Teachings

In order to escape the island, Teleportation may be learned from Elmetaph. The spell "Bind Circle" must be cast on the Teleportation Circle on the southern side of the island, then Elmetaph must be consulted for further guidance. Elmetaph will explain a problem, then ask you to discover the coordinates for a new Teleportation bind, by finding up the four obelisks on the island.

Riger's Shack

Riger, a depressed elf, lives out of a small dilapidated shack near the Anagoge Island dock.

A solution to Riger's woe.

The useful art of Alchemy can be learned inside the island's Lighthouse. You may discover a useful recipe using ingredients found across the island.

Lawara's camp

Lawara is another amnesiac resident of Anagoge Island. She lives out of a small tent, staying alive through her retained knowledge of cooking porridge. Near her campfire, there is a locked chest she has been unable to open.

Strange platform

A raised, broken platform etched with strange symbols.

Pedestal Puzzle

The Pedestal Puzzle was designed to test the critical thinking skills of students under Elmetaph's tutelage. It still seems operational. Perhaps a student left a clue somewhere...

Click for location of the Student's Clue

In a shack nearby, a piece of paper can be found on the ground.

Click for solution to the Pedestal Puzzle

The hint "Help me, I'm sewn" suggests that the pedestals should be activated in the order South, East, West, North.

Click to see reward to Pedestal Puzzle

Teleportation Platform

A raised, glowing platform etched with meaningless symbols. If only you knew anything about Teleportation, you might be able to use it to escape.

Finding Extra Teleportation Necessities

Prodigies recovering their memories of Teleportation may find themselves in need of additional . The easiest source is from a pair of dropped sacks on the island. One sack can be found in a shack east of the Teleportation Platform. The other sack is found next to the Teleportation Platform. Whichever sack is opened first will have an Amethyst inside.


There are four obelisks constructed on the island by the Council. They were once used to help account for fluctuation in the region's Ley Lines, to assist in long-range Teleportation.

A solution for Elmetaph.

The correct code is 6918. A mostly correct code of 9618 will put you in Serbule Keep, a location you would eventually discover. Many other binding combinations exist, most leading to places hostile to memory-wiped adventurers.

The Enchanted Dummy

Another trial for Academy students, the Enchanted Dummy tests the magical affinity of test takers. The wooden dummy is immune to Physical Attacks, and appears to have withstood the passage of time.

Magical Trickery

As the Enchanted Dummy can be defeated by any attack not Physical, multiple methods exist to complete this trial. While the intention of the test was to have students use purely Magical attacks, Mental combat attacks such as Psychology and explosives created through Mycology can do the trick.


      Anagoge Training, Records, and Storage Facility

      The Anagoge Records Facility once served as a backup of Council records of Academy students. Faculty areas, storage rooms, and a golem maintained record complex are buried under the island.

      Teleportation Circles

      There are two Council constructed Teleportation Circles on Anagoge Island. Unfortunately, one appears to be damaged beyond repair.

      • Found among the southern hills of the island.

      Anagoge Island Inhabitants

      Friendly NPCs

      Event NPCs

      There are no Event related NPCs on Anagoge Island.

      Friendly NPCs in Anagoge Island Dungeons


        Special Foes

        There are no monsters on Anagoge Island that grant Notoriety when defeated.










        Minerals & Metal




        NOTE: I can not stress enough that a big part of this game is about exploration and discovery. Please approach the game with that mindset whenever possible.

        That being said, if it is NOT your first time on the island and you just wanna use a "Speed Pass" to get to the main game as fast as possible, then follow the steps hidden below.

        Escaping the Island in six easy steps:

        1. Wake up on Anagoge Island.
        2. Head to the broken <Strange Platform> just past Lawara and loot an from the nearby <Dropped sack>.
        3. Head to the Lighthouse and speak to Elmetaph to learn the Teleportation Skill and the 'Bind Circle' recipe.
        4. Head to the working <Strange Platform> and cast 'Bind Circle' which should then get you the 'Recall Circle' recipe.
        5. Head back to Elmetaph and go through the prompts until you can tell him the Obelisk's code ( 6 9 1 8 ) so he can change your Recall point.
        6. Head back to the working <Strange Platform> and cast 'Recall Circle' to be teleported to the northern side of Serbule Keep.
        Welcome to the region of Serbule!
        New Character Checklist

        Anagoge Island offers many opportunities to learn new skills, recipes, and abilities.

        Skills that can be learned on the island: Teleportation, Psychology, Archery, Mycology, Skinning, Anatomy, Sword, Unarmed, Alchemy, Fishing, Dying, Endurance, Gourmand, Lore, Carpentry, Foraging, Butchering, Cartography.

        Abilities: Learn Charm Rat.

        Notoriety: Defeat Gajus the Big-Headed under the island.