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The art of dying.
Skill Type:
Other Skill
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Skill Trainers:

The art of dying.

Dying Overview

Dying is a skill that records the variety of unique ways in which a character has died. The skill unlocks small, but permanent bonuses to Max Health. It also gives access to a very useful ability, therefore it is actually a good idea for new players to try to get their characters killed in a variety of situations.

In-Game Description

The art of dying.

Training Dying

  • Dying experience is earned the fist time your health falls to zero.

Connected Skills



Secondary Skills:
  • Necromancy - Necromancers should appreciate death!
  • Compassion - When a character dies, a gravestone is left behind. Others may earn Compassion by mourning that tombstone.
Related Skills:
Synergy Levels:

Bonus Synergy Levels for Dying can be obtained from the following skills and levels:

Alcohol Tolerance
Level 90
Level 20
Level 37

Dying Stat Bonuses

Level Bonus Totals
10 Max Health +5 Max Health +5
20 Max Health +5 Max Health +10
30 Max Health +5 Max Health +15
40 Max Health +5 Max Health +20
50 Max Health +5
Number of Inventory Folders +1
Max Health +25
Number of Inventory Folders +1

Dying Level Up Rewards

Level Reward
10 New death action
20 +1 to Necromancy
25 +1 to Nature Appreciation
30 +1 to Necromancy
35 +1 to Holistic Wellness

Dying Mechanics

Bonus Experience

The first time your character dies in a unique way rewards bonus death experience. To see a list of the unique ways in which you've died previously (and how many times each), go to Skills panel > Dying and select the button there.

(Earned 50 Death XP)
(Bonus XP! First Death From This Cause!)

Entering the Light

At Level 10 the Dying skill grants a new choice in the Death dialog, to "Enter the light." This new ability grants access to a portal to random locations, along with portals to Serbule and Rahu. These last two portals have 8-hour cooldowns, however.


When a player character dies, a tombstone is left behind. If you are embarrassed about the way in which you were disposed of (which is minutely detailed on the tombstone for other players to read) you can remove it by interacting with it. Clearing your tombstone(s) is otherwise cosmetic, unless you play in Hardcore Mode.

A group of three or more Tombstones is considered a Graveyard for Necromancy.

Hardcore Death

Hardcore Death Penalty is an option available from the signpost near the well in Serbule Keep. When you die in Hardcore Mode, in addition to being sent back to a respawn point some of your items become broken. In order to use them again, you must take them back to the location you died. That is, you have to walk back to your tombstone(s).


Occasionally when your character dies or gets attacked by a diseased animal there is a possibility that the monster will pass on a disease to the character. These are permanent unless cured in a very specific manner.

Another way to get a dangerous disease is through a Power Word, such as Power Word: Leprosy.

Causes of Death

Item-icon-book.png Cause of Death Initial XP Repeated XP Hints
Alcohol Poisoning 50 0 Hint
Anti-regenerated 250 0 Hint
Arrowed 50 5 Hint
Attack reflected back at self  ?  ? Hint
Bashed with a shield 50  ? Hint
Bashed with a stick 100 5 Hint
Bitten by a dinosaur 50 5 Hint
Bitten by a skull with wings glued onto it  ?  ? Hint
Bitten by diseased animal 50  ? Hint
Blasted by a sandstorm 50 1 Hint
Blasted with dark energy 100  ? Hint
Blood sucked out of body 50  ? Hint
Bombed with toxic chemicals 100  ? Hint
Bones Shattered 50  ? Hint
Caught a thrown sword in the chest 50  ? Hint
Charmed by a lamia  ?  ? Hint
Clubbed On The Head  ?  ? Hint
Coated in electrified dragon spit 100  ? Hint
Consumed by insects 50  ? Hint
Crossbowed 50  ? Hint
Crushed by a giant pincer 50  ? Hint
Crushed to death  ? 0 Hint
Died from mysterious illness  ?  ? Hint
Drowned  ?  ? Hint
Eardrums exploded due to extreme screaming 100  ? Hint
Eaten by a worm 100  ? Hint
Eggs exploded out of abdomen 50  ? Hint
Electrocuted By a Portal 50  ? Hint
Electrocuted 100  ? Hint
Engulfed by Sentient Ice Slick 50 5 Hint
Exposure to freezing temperatures  ?  ? Hint
Fatal Fever 50  ? Hint
Fatal Levels of Shame 500 20 Hint
Fell from great height 100  ? Hint
Fell from short distance 100 1 Hint
Fell off the world 100  ? Hint
Filled with otherworldly shrapnel 50  ? Hint
Food Poisoning 50  ? Hint
Forgot how to breathe 50  ? Hint
Frozen to Death 50  ? Hint
Headbutted to death 50  ? Hint
Heart Attack 200 20 Hint
Hit by a whip-like tail 50  ? Hint
Hit by a rock 100 5 Hint
Impact from being thrown 100  ? Hint
Impact with large opponent 100  ? Hint
Impaled on flying bones  ?  ? Hint
Incinerated by an Inscrutable Intelligence 50 0 Hint
Incinerated  ?  ? Hint
Infested with fungus 100  ? Hint
Innards teleported into a distant cloud 50  ? Hint
Innards teleported into a distant volcano 50  ? Hint
Innards teleported into the sea 50 5 Hint
Internal bleeding  ?  ? Hint
Internal Organs Removed By Ghost  ?  ? Hint
Kicked to death 50  ? Hint
Killed by a Class 4 Nature Spirit 50  ? Hint
Killed by a Droach 100  ? Hint
Killed by a haunting spirit 75 5 Hint
Killed by a mollusc 100  ? Hint
Killed by a rune of power 100  ? Hint
Killed by a sentient weather phenomenon  ?  ? Hint
Killed by a spider 50 5 Hint
Killed by a worm 100  ? Hint
Killed by an aberration  ?  ? Hint
Killed by an enraged humanoid foe  ?  ? Hint
Killed by an enraged mollusc  ?  ? Hint
Killed by an enraged undead 50 5 Hint
Killed by an exploding animal  ?  ? Hint
Killed by an insane cultist  ?  ? Hint
Killed by an insane swordsman  ?  ? Hint
Killed by an insect 50  ? Hint
Killed by an Orc  ?  ? Hint
Killed by cattle  ?  ? Hint
Killed by the living dead 50 5 Hint
Krakened  ?  ? Hint
Leg bones snapped by zombie hands protruding from the ground 100  ? Hint
Loss of blood 50 5 Hint
Loss of motor control 50  ? Hint
Mangled by a gigantic Skeleton 100 5 Hint
Mauled by a pack of wild animals 50  ? Hint
Mauled by a wild animal 50 5 Hint
Mauled by an animal's rage attack 50  ? Hint
Mind shattered by a burst of incredible pain 50  ? Hint
Murdered by a humanoid foe  ?  ? Hint
Murdered by Seafood 500 20 Hint
Muscle Spasms 200 20 Hint
Organs liquified by poison  ?  ? Hint
Panic-attack while ensnared  ?  ? Hint
Pecked to death by an angry bird 50  ? Hint
Perforated 50  ? Hint
Physical contact with raw unlife  ?  ? Hint
Played with a Sentient Ooze 50  ? Hint
Poisoned 50 5 Hint
Poisoned weapon 200 10 Hint
Poisoned with Iocaine 100 5 Hint
Psychic Encephalitis 200  ? Hint
Pulverized by a Golem 100  ? Hint
Pummeled partially into another dimension 50  ? Hint
Punched to death  ?  ? Hint
Ravaged by forces of nature  ?  ? Hint
Ravaged by unnatural winds 50  ? Hint
Realized that life is meaningless 100  ? Hint
Ripped apart by giant hooks 100 5 Hint
Slain by own magic  ?  ? Hint
Slashed by an illusion that was somehow all too real 50 5 Hint
Slashed to death by an angry plant 50  ? Hint
Slashed to pieces  ?  ? Hint
Slowly cooked alive  ?  ? Hint
Smote by Admin 200 10 Hint
Soul absorbed by dark altar 100 5 Hint
Soul consumed by giant bat  ?  ? Hint
Soul ripped from body to fuel another  ?  ? Hint
Splashed with acid 50  ? Hint
Spontaneously exploded  ?  ? Hint
Staked Through the Heart 100  ? Hint
Suicide by immolation 100  ? Hint
Suicide by Poison 100 1 Hint
Swam in acid 50 5 Hint
Terrified to Death 200 20 Hint
Torn to bits by a dinosaur 50 5 Hint
Touched by a word of power 500 25 Hint
Unknown cause of death 100 0 Hint
Unnaturally Aged  ?  ? Hint
Vines in Veins  ?  ? Hint
Willpower consumed by a plant  ?  ? Hint

Harmless Post-Death Effects

After experiencing death, one may be revived with a harmless role-play effect applied to their character for an hour.

Phobia: Rats - You're terrified of rats!
Phobia: Spiders - You're terrified of spiders of any size!
Phobia: Cakes - You're terrified of cakes and similar baked goods!
Phobia: Goblins - You're terrified of goblins, as well as anything associated with goblins!
Phobia: Dogs - You're terrified of dogs, wolves, and other canines!
Phobia: Reptiles - You're terrified of snakes and other reptiles!
Phobia: Opposite Sex - You're terrified of members of the opposite sex!
Phobia: Portals - You're terrified of magical portals!
Phobia: Bovines - You're terrified of cows!
Phobia: Trees - You're terrified of trees and other large vegetation!
Phobia: Water - You're deathly afraid of getting wet!
Phobia: Bridges - You're terrified by the idea of crossing a bridge!
Phobia: Dairy - You're deathly afraid of milk, cheese, or any food containing dairy products!
Phobia: Meat - You've become terrified of eating meat!
Delusion: Invisible Demons - You've become convinced that invisible demons are tracking you and obstructing your every effort.
Delusion: Candy Lands - Text
Delusion: Invisible Demons - You believe that everything around you is made of candy, cake, or other sugary treats!
Delusion: All Kings - You just realized that you're in the presence of nobility. In fact, EVERYONE around you is a King (or Queen) except you!
Delusion: Flight - You believe you can fly!
Delusion: Invisibility - You believe you've become entirely invisible, except to demons. Anyone who can see you must be a demon in disguise.
Delusion: Dance Party - You believe you're at a vast, world-encompassing dance party! Why isn't everyone else dancing? They're being so rude to your host!
Delusion: Dragon Assassin - You just remembered that you are a dragon in disguise, sent to assassinate a certain target!
Delusion: Third Arm - You seem to have an extra arm! How convenient!
Delusion: Face Fell Off - Oh no, your face fell off! You're hideous now!
Delusion: Secret Codes - You think everyone around you is speaking in a code language you can barely understand. What are they trying to hide?
Delusion: Loose Teeth - All your teeth are loose! You have to be really careful or they'll all fall out!
Delusion: No More Yellow - You lost the ability to see yellow things. They're completely invisible to you!
Delusion: No More Green - You lost the ability to see green things. They're completely invisible to you!
Delusion: Body Swap - You believe you've swapped bodies with another player. No doubt this is their fault!
Delusion: Unassailable Beauty - You've become the most beautiful person in the world!
Paranoia: Working With Goblins - You've just realized that everyone you know is a goblin spy!
Paranoia: Stealing Your Money - You've just realized that everyone you know is trying to steal your money!
Paranoia: Look The Fool - Everyone you know is trying hard to make you look like a fool. The most frustrating part is they won't admit it!
Paranoia: Eye Beams - Everyone is trying to get you to make eye contact so they can steal your soul!
Dementia: Rhymes - You find that you can only speak in rhyme! (Whew, good thing slant rhymes are okay!)
Dementia: Riddles - You find that you can only speak in riddles!
Dementia: Mute - You can't speak! You can only pantomime!
Dementia: Pronoun Trouble - "When you say a pronoun (like 'him' or 'her' or 'me' or 'them') it comes out as a gibberish word!
Dementia: No Number Three - You can no longer understand the concept of the number three! Even the word has no meaning to you!
Dementia: Gender Swap - You now perceive all males as females, and vice versa!
Dementia: Molly-Coddle - You keep saying molly-coddle all the time! What does that even mean?
Dementia: Counting - You feel compelled to count everything you see. Out loud!
Dementia: Hopping - You can't walk; you can only hop!
Dementia: The Queen - You believe you're the Queen of a distant land. You expect to be treated like visiting royalty.
Dementia: Money Is Fake - You just noticed that all of your money is counterfeit! You're broke!
Dementia: Ostrich - You believe you are a large flightless bird with a dangerous beak.
Dementia: Sasquatch - You keep seeing a hairy ape-man in the corner of your eye. Is he friend or foe?
Dementia: No more R - You lost the ability to say the letter R or pronounce an R sound.
Paranoid Delusion
Paranoid Delusion: Bats - Tiny bats are flying everywhere. They keep trying to fly down your throat and choke you to death!
Other Innate Effects
Manic Laughter - Everything is hilarious! You can't stop laughing!
Depression - Everything is so sad! You can't stop crying!


  • At one point, all players shared the same tombstones.