Corpse Talking

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Corpse Talking allows you to commune with the dead when you encounter a grave. It has a chance at giving you some bonus xp in a different skill depending on what the dead knew. Communicating with the dead consumes 1 Fetish Bag, which can be bought from Jumjab.


The skill is taught by Jumjab, a goblin in southwest Eltibule by the Kur portal. You will need to speak Goblinese, get his favor to Friendly, and have Necromancy of at least level 20 before he will offer to teach you for 1000 coins. It seems you will then need to do the 8 hours hang out with him before you can talk to corpses.


Grave Name Locations Level Experience
Shallow Grave Serbule 1 25
Shallow Grave Eltibule 1 50
Very Old Grave Eltibule 19 125
Exposed Grave Kur Mountains 35 200
Ancient Exposed Grave Kur Mountains 43 250